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"Hearing Aid -- CASTROFATE chosen from the CD sampler for review"

From the March/April 2009 issue of Metal Maniacs:


From Cataclysmic Insanity

Presumably named after guitarist/vocalist/founder Dan "Riffmeister" Castro [aka "Kuzin" Dan formerly of power metal troupe Gothic Knights], Long Island, New York-based thrash quartet Castrofate are this month's Hearing Aid champions. "Nightmares," (track 11 off the CD sampler on page 16; if it’s not there, your issue’s been looted) comes by way of the band's recently issued Cataclysmic Insanity full-length, a sci-fi concept album that chronicles the plight of an unfortunate group of humans who've somehow survived the apocalypse. At an adequately timed 4:11, the tune makes all the requisite nods to their '80s metal idols in song structure and execution (see early Metallica/Megadeth, Exodus, Refuge Denied-era Sanctuary, Alice In Hell-era Annihilator and OverKill — particularly in Castro's charmingly bellicose vocal snarls, often reminiscent of a young Bobby Blitz) without ever loosing momentum. Its crisp, organic production, dark, memorable harmonies and Dimebag-style breakdowns keep things from sounding too dated and though lines like, "In these nightmares/What do they mean?/Bodily devourment/What am I seeing?/Torn flesh ripped apart/human life consumed/Bones and blood are scattered/My own body’s in pieces…," aren't quite as brow-raising as they likely would have been "back in the day," the band's complex riffing, instrumental dexterity and sheer metal brawn makes "Nightmares" a familiar sound that’s difficult to resist.
Adding another band to the much-ballyhooed “thrash resurgence” might seem gratuitous on paper, but if "Nightmares" is any indication, Castrofate offer the passion, precision and persuasive delivery to rise above the high-topped, back-patched, skinny-jeaned sea of mediocrity. [myspace. com/castrofate] — Liz Ciavarella
- Metal Maniacs (Final Issue -- March/April 2009)


3 LP's: Awakening of the Beast (2007), Cataclysmic Insanity (2008), and iHuman (2010)



CASTROFATE began in 2007 when "Riffmeister" Dan Castro released the debut album 'Awakening of the Beast'. Harkening back to the days of early Metallica with its energy and heavy rhythm guitars mixed with some Pantera-styled groove and some Slayer-esque agression, the album proved a breath of fresh air for many old-school hard rock fans and industry figures, as well as acclaimed producer Vin Cin at Electric Plant Studios in Brooklyn, who expressed immediate interest in producing the next album.

Not wasting any time and wanting to follow-up the release with a quick follow up after a few short months and a few live performances in New York, Castrofate entered the studio in January of 2008 with Vin Cin at the production helm. 'Cataclysmic Insanity', Castrofate's sophomore album, was released in July of 2008. A huge step up from its predecessor 'Awakening..', with writing and sound quality crashing through the roof, the album caught the attention of the legendary producer and lead guitarist of TESTAMENT & DEATH, James Murphy. After a series of local shows supporting national acts such as TESTAMENT, The band's first tour outside the US was a huge success, headlining a string of dates in major cities around Ecuador with hundreds of metal fans coming out to each show. The band returned and won the Project Independent Battle of the Bands in Clifton NJ. After a series of dates in NY, NJ, and PA supporting national acts, Castrofate embarked on a very successful European Tour alongside MASTER in February 2009, performing 18 shows in 24 days in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, England, Scotland, and the Czech Republic. Upon return to the states Castrofate performed with DESTRUCTION on Long Island.

August 2009 saw Castrofate conduct a U.S. tour which included performances in Virginia, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.

The band is now entering the studio with James Murphy at SafeHouse Production in Florida to begin recording the 3rd album consisting of 10 new songs. CASTROFATE are looking forward to releasing the new album 'iHuman' in 2010 and performing in as many countries and cities as possible, bringing their music to metal fans all over the world!