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Casual Confusion is an Rock/Soul Power Trio that create a more 'raw' Lenny Kravitz sound with Soul inspired vocals. After having played 50+ shows locally since January of 2006 Casual Confusion's Debut Album will be released on June 15th. Draw ranges from 100 to 200 without any relase to date.


When three strong willed musicians crossed paths in 2004 they gathered that they all shared the same love for music and hunger to succeed; they united forming a power trio on a mission: "to give the people what they need". Since then, Casual Confusion has played local musical landmarks honing their live show poise; resulting in a stage presence worthy of an invite to headline for local favorite White Light Riots CD release party in November of 2005.

Casual Confusion's members are all natives of Minneapolis beggining with Colin Hodges, an explosive triple threat by writing, singing, and playing guitar on all tracks. With every song Colin has the ability to create a new and fresh sound because of his always evolving lyrics, delivery, and execution style. As the son of legendary "Johnny Hodges" who played with the top artists on the Motown Label in its hay (Temptations, Marvin Gaye, currently with The Spinners) Colin explains, "He is partially responsible for my musical style and the diversity of my influences from Hendrix to Herbie Hancock." Colin's versatility cannot be overlooked!

As a resident of the drums for more than ten years and student of music for life, Zach Dennison delivers creative concepts that serve as the platform for Casual Confusion to craft it's sound. Zach established himself as an expert musician at a young age developing a precise ear for rhythm and musical form making him a driving force for Casual Confusion. Influenced maily by Jon Bonham and Keith Moon, "Zach is the rhythm and flow creator or leader for us; his choice of the beat is our inspiration," expressed Hodges. His timing, creative fills, and variety of range molds our sound.

On bass, Mike Hayostek (Haddy), is in charge of bringing the funk to the table. Haddy possesses a flexibility allowing him to play the subdued role on one track and the next moment a stand out role making him more recognizable. Haddy is comfortable wearing either hat. All in all, with the right amount of each ingredient, Casual Confusion's finished product is 'Gourmet Music'.

With influences blurring all musical genres, Casual Confusion offers something for all listeners to connect with. Casual Confusion's music is the result of a seamless balance of Rock and Soul music, with songs lyrically rooted in being socially conscience and true to one's self. Casual Confusion finds their musical motivation in witnessing the condition of the world today and experiencing the ups and downs that all artists endure on their journey to be heard. By providing distinctive and smooth projecting vocals, on point and accurate production, and creatively thought out instrumental arrangements; Casual Confusion aims to puncture the ear with personal truth, lyrical relevance, and volume.

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Got It In a Bad Way

Written By: Colin Hodges

Got It In a Bad Way - 3:58

Dosent really matter what I say
What difference does It make when it is so hard to explain
And I don’t know who to blame
I got to be more careful about where I choose to aim
Maybe I’m having delusions
Or maybe this love wrapped in the form of an illusion
And I don’t know who I’m fooling
Tryna’ act like I don’t know just who and what you’re doing
(…and that’s why 3x)

"I got it in a bad way
Why is it I love you when I know that you wont stay
I got it in a bad way
Gonna find myself someone else, watch you fade away "

Here we go again
You say you still Love me but you wanna just be friends
You don’t seem to make no sense
All this time I cared for you, just wasted time I’ve spent
(…and that’s why 2x)


So I guess this is goodbye baby and I really mean it this time
See I heard that you ain’t worthy girl you did me dirty
And see, I finally got chu off my mind
So what chu gonna do girl
All by your self, I heard that you’ve been lonely
And you want my help
(hey baby)(do ya feel me)(baby hey)

‘Chorus 2x’

Falling Nation

Written By: Colin Hodges

Falling Nation - 4:58

How many lies have there been told
How many people have been sold
They got the truth and the blindfold
And so you know not what you do
Listen to the thing that you wanna ignore
Find the key so you can see what’s behind the closed doors
Face your reflection, if you will

"Falling nation
The continents are crumbling down
Falling nation
Who help us when we drown"

See people will kick you when you’re down
And no one will help you off the ground
Children are crying all around
And I am dying from the sound
I got to get away but it seems there’s no where for me to run
So I guess I will sit back and watch the world self destruct till I no longer see


See war is wasting us away
Brother please put that gun away
Find the peace with in yourself my friend


Take My Chances

Written By: Colin Hodges

Take My Chances – 5:42

You got to, save you tears, and face your fears
Don’t be at war with yourself no, no baby
You got to see thru the storm, inland the weather is warm
Do you believe in things you can feel but you can’t see
Before your eyes, yeah
Do you ever step out there swear you ain’t scared
Say whats really on your mind
Have you ever said today is the last time
Even though you know tomorrow gon’ be the same

"But I take my chances
I take my chances baby
I got to take my chances
How foolish my past is
Sometime you got to take your chances
Don’t mind me, I got to be free
Don’t mind me"

I may not know, where I’m going
But I know I’ll be, somehow I know I’m gonna be fine baby
I think of time now from time past,
And just exactly how long will it all last
Somewhere, deep down, I wonder
How am I supposed to behave


(So ah, if you ever get discouraged baby. Don’t worry what the people say sometimes you need to just do your own thang. Don’t worry bout what nobody say. Let your mind be free)

In Case I Forgot to Say

Written By: Colin Hodges

In Case I Forgot to Say - 6:10

Baby doll, there so much I’ve got to say
So much that I got to explain
How am I supposed to separate myself, from those other guys
See I have never, been so sure of a Love, so sweet, so pure
Baby doll I apologize, for anything that you care

‘Just in case I forgot to say
So you don’t get confused in any way
And as hard as it is to explain
Baby stay the same’

So it seems I may not have another day
So listen to what I say
I would never want to loose a chance, be with you
Baby doll an I could be your cotton candy lover baby sugar ah oh

‘Chorus 2x’
(My Love, My love baby, baby stay the same)

Baby, I’m gonna love you forever
I said baby, oh, listen, whoa
Its gonna be a magic carpet ride with you, baby

(My Love, My love now babe, baby stay the same)


Still Care
Got It In a Bad Way
Future Shock
Anything You Wanna Do
On The Go
Drowning In Your Sea
Take My Chances
Falling Nation
In Case I Forgot To Say
Meant For Eachother
* Completed album recorded at Winterland Studios. Produced by Casual Confusion, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered Brian Johnson ( Credits: Coldplay, Christina Augilera, Prince, Elvis Costello, David Gray ) for a debut on June 15th, 2007.

Set List

1. Got It In a Bad Way
2. Falling Nation
3. Take My Chances
4. Future Shock
5. Anything You Wanna Do
6. Meant For Eachother
7. On the Go
8. Still Care
9. Drownin In Your Sea
10. In Case I forgot to Say

All material Original.