Casual Wish

Casual Wish


Creating a sound all their own from unmatchable drum timing, awesome guitar licks, to finger tapping bass and that thick classic sound. Hailing from the shore of New Jersey this trio doesn't believe in genres, you can't package and place a sound like this. This is the sound of Casual Wish.


In mid February 2003, a band was created out of sheer boredom, by three kids from Wall Township, New Jersey, who shared the love of music, and attempting to create it as well. After staggering through the first few months of trying to put together listenable music. Casual Wish decided to straighten up and get down to writing. Soon to follow the frustrating time of not knowing where to begin, the band slowly got two, three songs, and Casual Wish began to enjoy writing. With no audience, or support, there was nowhere for the band to turn except back to the drawing board for more material, in hopes to catch peers attention with their musical creations. Rounding near the second year of being in a band Casual Wish played a local talent show at their highschool and to their surprise they heard clapping after there small, yet satisfying set. Just out to prove they could play, the band enjoyed entertaining people with their music. Yet again, back to the drawing board, to spawn new material. Casual Wish was becoming known among their peers and the band was ecstatic about gaining some liking. After playing small backyard parties the band found Jersey Shows, the show booking company who really got the band shows to play for people and make some money at the same time. At this point Casual Wish was playing venues such as: The Saint, Chubby's, and more. Soon enough Casual Wish was playing at the Stone Pony pretty frequently. Never imagining that their band would get out of Joe's or Casey's basements. It was a chance to show people "Hey, Look at this, we don't suck that much!"


2004- Basement Sessions
2005/06- Jupiter/ 11:43 / Cut Me Open

Set List

Jupiter, But I Want To Go To China
The Definition of Fainting
The Things That Break When You Scream
Cut Me Open
Pull The Pin
Coastal Violence

we usually play 30 minute sets
we usually play all of our own material, but if we are playing a party or something we will play a few covers including taking back sunday and brand new