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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Rock Pop




"Candid Reviews for The Wonder"

"Just checked out the new cd from Cat Dail. It is pure pop genius. Great band too. I particularly like the Reckless tune which feels like it's going to explode out of the speakers."
-Donald S.

"At their first show, the greatness was apparent. This is the most fab Cat Dail sound yet! I totally believe in the songs - strong, authentic & beautiful in every way - mmm, sounds like Cat!"

" 'All My Life' has taken ALL of my attention, not to mention the sly wink of a cover, 'Josie'! WELL DONE!I hope to report about some of the other songs once I stop spiinin' 'All My Life' non-stop. Cat Dail & The Magnets ROCK!!!!!!!!!!"

"I got THE WONDER - GOOD!!! I especially like ‘Come Around’, and love ‘Reckless’, and think that parts of ‘All My Life’ are very Paul Simoney. Nice work, Cat Dail & the Magnets!!"

"First of all, still listening to The Wonder and singing along. Love it. Second, I got to see the CD. It looks amazing. So beautiful. And Cat is F*ING HOT. Really. Gorgeous."

"Even though it was their first gig, and the sound at 78 Below sucked, (you could tell that even greats like Teddy Kumpel were struggling in that poorly re-designed stage area), Cat Dail & the Magnets gave a fantastic performance of their amazing new songs. I loved it!"

"Cat Dail and the Magnets’ “The Wonder”"

is an infectious indie pop romp! Hard rocking, deep grooving, super hooky, the record is an extra fun adventure in music and life.

Cat Dail was born and grew up in Kansas City, surrounded by blues and jazz greats. As a little kid, she saw Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, the Basie Band, and many more, all live, all the time, all in her backyard. But, growing up in KC, she was also surrounded by what she calls “truck stop” and country music, by authentic r&b and funk, as well as by all the usual pop influences we share, no matter where we grow up, from Bob Marley to Feist.

Thanks to Dail’s lifelong love of so many musical genres, there’s a fantastic variety of song styles presented on The Wonder. Elements of pop, punk, reggae, funk, world beats, and even a kind of revival-meeting-gospel-hoe-down make this record fresh and good all day (and all night!)

Not many songwriters, or bands, could pull off this kind of amazing musical menu at all, let alone with the kind of talent, passion and humor The Wonder offers. The playing, in all cases is superb.

Dail’s voice is singular. Comparisons to Chrissie Hynde abound but leave something out. Cat’s voice is assertive and sexy and skilled, like the star of The Pretenders. But, Dail also has a humor, a vulnerability, and a kind of range (aural range and emotional range) that makes the overall experience of listening to her sing compelling and expressive. Her rhythm guitar work is deceptively simple and plays an important role in most of the songs. Dail’s quirky guitar solo on the cd's only cover song, Josie, is a highlight.

Producer/ guitarist/ co-writer, Teddy Kumpel, is a virtuoso. Well known as a genius in the NYC indie music scene, his own guitar performances throughout the record, are notably better-than-the-average-bear, and then some. His vocal contributions add a lot, especially on Come Around and Josie (and he even ‘plays’ a c.b. trucker on A Good Day- don’t judge until you hear it!) Kumpel’s production of the record is outstanding. The quality of sound, the arrangements, the overall sonic experience is a Spinal Tap 11.

Joel Newton, who has played with Dail on her last 3 records- her 1st solo record “Choice,” on the first Cat Dail & the Magnets record “Shimmer Glow,” and now on “The Wonder”- rounds out the Magnets killin’ guitars. The riffs Newton adds throughout are definitive and very cool. Newton’s solos are genuinely and thoroughly satisfying, especially on Dark Matter and Knock Down, and made me wanna turn it up!

On keys, Aaron Whitby, like Newton, has been playing with Cat for some time, and the greatness of that fit is apparent throughout the record. Whitby stakes out his own territory, handily trading licks with the guitarists. The keys add juicy sonic layers via Wurlitzer, B-3, Rhodes, straight piano and other thoughtfully chosen instrumentation, adding freshness, song to song. In his greatest solos, especially on Goin’ Nowhere and All My Life, Whitby makes choices in his playing that you don’t hear everyday, but wish you did.

Martha Redbone, a major vocal star in her own right, is an almost unbelievably good match to sing with Dail. The two women, both strong and gorgeous divas, come together powerfully, for something greater than the sum of their parts. Redbone’s performances on this record add dimension to the overall sound and to the meaning of the songs- and add happiness to every listener. Also, two hot chicks in a band is even better than one (sexist but true.)

The rhythm section of Bill Berry and John Kim appear on the record- logical since they have played with Dail since her original CMJ band, distant cousins, ruled CB's and other NYC stages. Kim & Berry set the ‘rhythm is king’ tone for The Wonder, and how. Co-writer, Berry’s bass lines are the basis for several of my favorite songs on the record. In the live show, you’ll see and hear the greatness of Adam Minkoff on bass and Chris Infusino playing dr - Various

"Review of Love Life"

I wish all those bands, both major label stars and the band down the street, who have unnecessarily filled their CD's with 15+ songs just because the format allows it, would listen to this fine offering from New York City favorites, Distant Cousins. Short and sweet, this eight song disc says what it has to say, then gets out of the way. After hearing this their second full length offering, I wish I had been in the area to hear their first disc, released a couple of years back, to see how they got to where they are. Rootsy, bluesy rock (reminiscent of The Pretenders and sometimes even J. Geils) is the main focus here, although the band wisely keeps things interesting, with dips into honky-tonk on the wild and infectious, "Rather Be In Jail," and even a little rhumba tinge on the title track. Catherine Dail's cool and smart alto is the centerpiece, bringing an unmistakable Chrissy Hynde vibe to the mix...Her voice is unmistakably solid, and most bands would kill to have a vocalist with half her talent. The band's playing is no-nonsense and solid throughout, with a tasteful hammonica from Holland, and even trombone, from Gilde, added to the basic rock line-up to create some interesting ear candy, which also adds to the bluesy feel of the disc. Roy Fantel's driving, Kenny Aranof type drumming keeps an edge throughout, laying a solid groundwork for the tasteful dual guitar attack of Sireci and Dail. - Nebula Music Magazine

"Cat Dail Reviews"

"Music as infectious as it is insightful"
- Downtown Resident

"Memorable melodies, compelling lyrics and one hell of a groove!"
- Pitch Weekly

"This band is on to something good and good for you."
- Soundviews

"Guaranteed to put you in a festive mood!" - Pop Sunday Newsletter

"A magical, marketable, musical philosophy: Fun!"
- Dartmouth Magazine

"Cat Dail's music is folk, funk and rock all mixed together. Kickin'!"
- Kansas City Star

"Rhythmic sounds, electrifying energy, down-home beat, and fun!"
- Villager

"A soulful home brew of all the great rock themes. Just cool! What more do you want?"
- Circus - Various

"Review of Cat Dail's "Choice""

"Choice" is the first solo release from singer/songwriter/guitarist Cat Dail (leader of 90's NYC faves the Distant Cousins) and showcases an eclectic range of styles, a host of rockin' grooves, and smart, funny lyrics to touch your head and your heart. The album features top players from the NY club and studio scene and is produced by Dail and Grammy-winner Harvey Jay Goldberg. This is an album you will come back to again and again, always finding something new to put a smile on your face. Choose "Choice." - WorldWide Rock Reviews

"Contest Recognition for Cat Dail"

Billboard Song Contest

Musician Best Unsigned Band Contest

Yamaha Music Production Contest

Independent Music Awards, Album and Songwriting Contests

Great American Song Contest, Lyrics Award

Madison Area Music Awards (MAMA), Wish You Were Here category - Various


Fight For Love - 2018

The Wonder - 2012

Shimmer Glow - 2011

Choice - 2006

Love Life - 1995

Twice Removed - 1992



Awarded prizes from Billboard magazine, Musician magazine, the Independent Music Awards, and many more, Cat Dail is an internationally touring singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer. She has released 5 albums on the Lucky Magnet recording label she founded.

Cat Dail has been a highlight of the national Indie rock scene since she first hit in the 90s. Leading her NYC band, distant cousins, Cat played all the legendary clubs in NYC, including a Friday night residency at the Bitter End, and most colleges and clubs from Vermont to Virginia, Colorado to California.

Most recently, Cat Dail has been joined by some of the best musicians in the world, featured regularly at SXSW and other festivals, and playing for causes she believes in. Her music is heard on tv (CBS Sports, PBS) and in films (independent and feature). In addition to a life in music, Dail has led important and long-lasting community efforts in leadership roles at libraries, food banks and as original Board Chair of the internationally-acclaimed, female-led Strike Anywhere Theater Ensemble, a progressive, multi-media collaboration, winner of grants from Poetry Foundation, among others.

Cat counts herself lucky to be raising 2 kids, and to meet people, everywhere, who join Love in defeating Fear.

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