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"Bigger Than Beyonce"

"Cata9tales is Eminem on speed. Rap injected with electricity. Radio songs sharpened up with daring experimentation and undying energy." - Bigger Than Beyonce

"Middle Tennessee Music"

"Cata9tales is what would happen if Beck drank insane amounts of coffee with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and decided to put out a hip hop album with the Beastie Boys. After featuring production and songwriting from Radiohead and Eminem, they send the record off to be mastered by an extra-terrestrial species. Only then would it be ready for mass consumption by earthlings." - Middle Tennessee Music

"All What's Rock"

"This is everything I love about some of the places the hip-hop and rap world have evolved into." - All What's Rock

"All What's Rock"

"This is everything I love about some of the places the hip-hop and rap world have evolved into." - All What's Rock


"Overall, if you take a pass on the Cata9tales, you are going to miss out on an essential piece of indie alternative hip-hop history, no matter how you slice it." - Jamsphere


"Cata9tales creates a nuanced sound that will give listeners something substantially different with each subsequent spin." - Neufutur


"There are just not nearly enough rap artists like KRS-One; the sort that use music as an educationally entertaining tool, instead of a cynical path for the sole purpose of making paper. The world needs Cata9tales, right now! " - Antimusic

"I Am Entertainment Magazine"

"My ears got exactly what [they've] been craving, dope lyrics with passionate vocal delivery that draws you into each song." - NFluential Holdings, LLC

"The Signal"

"I was pleasantly surprised by the scope of this record and, in my opinion, other aspiring artists should take note of what Cata9tales does with their music. For some, 'A Chameleon’s Dream' could be a useful learning tool when it comes to writing some stellar hip hop music." - The Signal

"Music Review Unsigned"

"Lyrically, everything is wonderful and entertaining, not showy and meaningless. You would have to sit and listen for some time to get the messages." - Music Review Unsigned

"The Raffo Review"

"You could like Cata9tales for two different reasons. You could like them for their vintage aspects or like their more modern style. Either way you’re in for a real treat." - N. Raffo


Hello Maybe Everything (2013)
A Chameleon's Dream (2012)
Kick the Bad Love (2011)

Singles Receiving Airplay
Tiger in a Tropical Storm (2013)
Children of the Cloud (2013)
Kaboombox (2012)
Ultralife (2012)
Ghettotron (2012)
Give 'Em The Boot (2011)
Loveletters, Bloodletters (2011)



It began in a jail cell and wound up in the stars.

A glitter-damaged poet with a Cheshire grin.?
A punk rock producer with a boom bap heart.
One last shot to tear down the walls.
One last grenade into the heart of pop culture.

Berkley Priest was on his way back from hell when he met Kreator (Kenny Perkins), the musical wunderkind who was quietly crafting sonic pipe bombs below the radar. With a pen full of laughter and venom he colored outside of Kreator's musical lines, and a new kind of creature? was born. A creature that would be at once hopeful yet sinister, fun yet serious, familiar yet not at all. The music wasn't hip-hop, it wasn't rock,? it wasn't even a mixture of the two. It was something else entirely, something so utterly original and ridiculous that they had to give it a name.


???In the summer of 2011 they released their first album. By the time their second album dropped, in the spring of 2012, they had played a myriad of shows, appeared on television and radio, won multiple contests and battles-of-the-bands (including a coveted spot on the Vans Warped Tour), reached #1 on the? Reverbnation charts, been featured in magazines and in dozens of online publications, and seen their fan base grow exponentially, garnering them an independent record deal. Then they turned their backs on sampling, threw out the rulebook and all expectations, and disappeared underground.

Now, two years since the release of their cathartic debut, Kick the Bad Love, and a year after their genre-bending follow-up, A Chameleon’s Dream, Cata9tales return with their highly anticipated, most original, startling work of art yet.

Hello Maybe Everything.

This is where the story begins.