The second album, also called "Cataia" which is the result of research on different regional rhythms, Brasillian and African. Within this experimental perspective, they also discharged their personal music influences, particulary focusing on rock, jazz and MPB (Brasillian Popular Music).


Founded in 2001, at Cardoso Island (south coast of São Paulo State). Since this year the group is workin for the Sao Paulo City (capital) and inner of the state, playing in important brazilian cultural centers (SESI and SESC, e.g.) and house of concerts, important night clubs.


In 2002, Cataia released the CD "Nesta Terra de Ninguém". In 2004, this album was released in the European market by the French label Suave Music. "Cataia plays a Brasillian fusion of the natural, the real and the fantastic" published the French newspaper Libération, on the occasion. Cataia also participated in two compilations released by Suave Music in 2005: "Forró For All" (with "Intrevero na casa de Nicolá" and "Amarelo que Brilha") and "Forró For All 2" (with "Mangabeira" and "Xaximbo").

Set List

1. Vai trabalhar Vagabundo (version from Chico Buarque's music)
2. Pescador (original music from Tião Carvalho)
3. Até a Lua
4. Caboclo Veio
5. Anos 70
6. Mangabeira
7. Nossa Prece
8. Seu Gabriel
9. Circo Natin
10. Mar de Mariana
11. Jabuticaba