Catalina/ Xtreme Gutta (XG)

Catalina/ Xtreme Gutta (XG)

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Xtreme Gutta is a hip hop/r&b group based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The group consist of 3 core member: DR3, Catalina & Soop-D . X.G was form in the summer of 2006. X.G's music is mixture of strong topics, club bangers, catchy hooks & lyrical content which makes them appeal to all genre in the industry


XTREME GUTTA is influenced by those in general who displays creativity and longevity in the industry which drives the group to continue on their road to success. All 3 member bring there own flavor & sounds completely different from each other giving a completely different contrast and flare to every song. XG have performer at several venues and multiple events in and out of PA. Performing for hip hop greats Chuck D, Dana Dane and Kurtis Blow, recording a nation wide CD in regards to AIDS Awareness entitled "No Gift No Rap", XG has appeared in music videos and had their own video televised on Channel 21 show "shaker and movers of the next millennium" and underground hip hop, appeared on mixtapes and other artist collaborations. XG does all their own videos (produced & directed by DR3) with their second hit song & video I KNOW YOU MADE NOW. XG has been through many changes but have come full circle. XG is the industries best kept secret and ready to give the world what they have been asking for...and more.


From the up coming LP NEVER GIVING NOTHING Xtreme Gutta has released song such as: I Know You Mad Now, Came a long way, Nothing I rather be doing, Give'm what they're asking for, ect.

Set List

XTREME GUTTA's Repertoire is all original music recorded and doing live shows (no covers). Xtreme Gutta starts their show with energy and ends it with energy (depending on the type of audience).