Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA
BandAlternativeCover Band

A cover band that remakes songs into a new type of style. Catalists is a band who has the energy to pump up crowds with their music.


The bands that inspire our band are Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Fall Out Boy. All of our members are Latter Day Saints or most commonly known as Mormons, not by purpose or any specific reason. We started out this year in July, doing a GIG at a church dance and eventually did charity gig's for elementary schools. Our Next gig is new years eve at our church dance. We have played before a decent crowd at parties. We are a Cover band and prefer alternative covers. WE do not swear, so expect our music to be clean if a song we are covering has swear words in it.


we have yet to have a song on the radio, but we have gone public. Here are some of our songs; What ive done by linkin park, Last Resort By Papa Roach, Wipe Out by Surfias, Thunderstruck By ACDC.

Set List

-What Ive Done-Linkin Park
-Fall For You-Secondhand Sernade
-Bring me to life-Evanescence
-Last Resort-Papa Roach