Catalog Only

Catalog Only


Guitar and piano driven rock intertwined with soothing vocal harmonies that will rip your heart out, smash it on the ground, tear it into pieces and then put it all back together leaving you feeling good inside.


Catalog Only is the Detroit music you never hear about. It's not the raucous noise from the garage or the beats of the inner city. It's Detroit music from the basement. It's the music that's made when you've been trapped inside for 5 long winter months. While outside it's gray snow and gray skies you stay inside and you play, you play and you write. You write songs that aren't written for commercial appeal or indie acceptance. You write something that matters, songs for emotion, songs to stay warm.


Fruition EP
Solution EP

3 songs - radio
4 songs -
3 songs -
4 songs -

Set List

Our set list is very vesatile, we are able to put together a set to fit any time slot.
We have a very powerful 25-30 min set as well as 2 ~ 1.5 hour sets that give the audience the full Catalog Only experience through original and cover songs.

The following lists of songs is usually mixed and matched to fill the sopt accordingly.

Original Songs:
Small Changes
Gone are the Days
Last Lonely Saturday
Our Courtship Revisited
Beat Song
Spring Nights Dream
Behind the Windows
Luminous June
Billy's Song

Cover songs:
Fake Plastic Trees- Radio Head
Rockin' in a Free World - Neil Young
She's so Heavy - Beatles
The One I love - R.E.M.
Just like Heaven - The Cure
Ahead by a Century - Tragically Hip
California Stars - Wilco
Anyway You Want It - Journey
Goin' Up to Country - Canned Heat
Laid - James
Vacation - Go-Go's
Nothing Man - Pearl Jam