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The best kept secret in music


"Album Review"

Musicianship – 8 out of 10
When many people think of Independent music, catalog only is the sort of group that comes to mind. Quirky musical elements and off-beat lyrics set them apart from their more mainstream brethren, and as such, they are judged differently. Even though they are different, though, the musical element is still a big part of what makes a band good! And, I am happy to say that in this respect, catalog only earns high marks. I liked the layered sounds that emanated not only from two guitarists, but also from interesting piano parts. The rhythm section plays solid parts as well, getting tremendous tonal quality from their respective instruments. The icing on the cake, though, is the performance of the band’s vocalists. They sing great melodies, and use dynamics in their voices which help to create emotional depth in the songs. This was something that was even more apparent when I saw the group live. They utilize every instrument and every voice to the largest extent, producing as much musical quality as they possibly can! Stated simply, these guys are great musicians!

Songwriting - 8 out of 10
I like the songs on the Solution EP. They are songs for thinkers; songs that don’t so much inspire a hip-shake as they do a shake-up of your mental processes! In a way, I think that all of the songs follow a theme of unrequited love; they speak of a man who loves a woman from afar, but is unable to approach her because of the inadequacy that he feels. One song transitions into the next, and the lyrics read like a story! In the end, the listener is unsure whether the man has been able to express his feelings to the woman. The lyrics, combined with the unique instrumental arrangements, create an atmosphere unlike any that I have experienced! I especially like the very emotional conclusion of the song (Luminous June). Be sure to hear it for yourself!

Sound Quality/Professionalism - 8 out of 10
There is no question that catalog only is a very professional sounding band. When I saw them live, though, I have to admit that I initially had doubts about them! I had spoken with lead vocalist and guitarist Jordan before their set, and he seemed to be a fairly ordinary sort of guy. However, when he took the stage, he did so wearing a Superman cape! If that weren’t enough, the first song began in a very odd way; they just didn’t sound like any band I had ever heard! My reservations were quelled, though, by the end of that first song. The effect that they had on the crowd that had gathered to watch was electric, and I found myself caught up in a great musical experience! Anytime I hear the album now, I am reminded of that experience, and it always brings back good memories. Any band that is able to create that sort of electric feeling again and again when you listen is doing something right!

Packaging – 7.5 out of 10
The packaging of catalog only’s EP is good; the high points for me are definitely the art work on the 4-panel color insert and the back cover of the jewel case, and the way that the lyrics are listed. Written in paragraph fashion, this further supports the feeling of a common theme that runs through the entire album. I read the lyrics for all of the songs as one unit, and wondered in my mind if they had been written in that manner! I like the way that the packaging helps to support the air of intrigue that is initially created in the music!

Favorite Tracks
Luminous June
Behind the Windows
Beat Song
Spring Nights Dream

Overall Rating - 8 out of 10
catalog only has been a great surprise to me! I didn’t expect them to be as good as they are when I originally saw the band live, and I honestly didn’t expect the CD to evoke the same sorts of feelings in me! There is a slight possibility that I might not have the same feelings about the CD if I hadn’t seen the band’s live performance first, but that is something that I will never really know. I am glad that things worked out the way that they did, so that I have a complete understanding of what the band is all about. Take my word for it: this CD is one that you need to hear! Regardless of whether you see the band live or not, you should definitely hear their music on the Solution EP! It is capable of standing on its own, and I think that if you listen with an open mind and really feel the vibe that each song emits, you’ll get hooked, just like I am!—Mark Lush,, 10/12/04 *Listen to catalog only on MWB Radio!
- Mark Lush-

"Internet Reviews"

Review of “Breakdown”-Demo
Dicarlo Productions, via 3/21/05
The guitar in the intro reminds me of some of the old Stones stuff. What really impressed me the most is the vocals, but you all sound good as a band. Those winters in the basement paid off.

Review of “Breakdown”-Demo
Lex Zaleta, Musician and Review Crew Member on 3/11/05
It warms an old English teacher's heart to hear someone use “eviscerate” in an alternative rock song and use it as such a clever rhyme for “dismissed or.” Like “Luminous June”, this song has all of the right ingredients, quality musicianship, quality vocals, and above-average lyrics. You obviously have the tools for success, and you obviously know how to use them well. The future looks bright.

Review of “Passenger, Say Good-Bye Now”-Demo
Lex Zaleta, Musician and Review Crew Member on 3/11/05
The best of the songs I've heard from this group. Rock solid musicianship every note of the way lays down a magic carpet for the vocals to ride home on. The timely lyrics are delivered competently with confidence. Lots of changes in the song create and sustain interest. This might be a demo, but it's about as close to radio-ready as you're going to get.

Review of “Luminous June”-Solution EP
Pascal Gregory of Syngularity and R Cat Communications 3/12/05
I hardly can remember when a Rock song touched me the last time, like this one did. Catalog Only was formed in 2001, and their guitar based music has a powerful, melancholy expression, similar to the old R.E.M. projects. Musicians, who love to share the times doing music with the audience and their friends, and I believe, you'll notice this straight off, when you'll listen to these emotional vocals, and to this passionate music which comes from the heart. "Luminous June" has strong hit potential, and I hope they'll find many more friends, everywhere in the world.

Review of “Spring Nights Dream”-Solution EP
“Raz” via 3/2/05
Nice dreamy sound let me just lay back and enjoy it. It reminds me of some of the laid back 80's stuff like The Cure and Unforgettable Fire-era U2. The vocals are great and the production is top notch. Every musician plays "for the song" and to show off. Mature, talented, you guys got it all.

- Various


Fruition EP
Solution EP

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Catalog Only is the Detroit music you never hear about. It's not the raucous noise from the garage or the beats of the inner city. It's Detroit music from the basement. It's the music that's made when you've been trapped inside for 5 long winter months. While outside it's gray snow and gray skies you stay inside and you play, you play and you write. You write songs that aren't written for commercial appeal or indie acceptance. You write something that matters, songs for emotion, songs to stay warm.