Edgy unpredictable guitars trade off with brooding vocals over tight in-the-pocket drums and bass that rock but you can dance to. Add a Fender Rhodes and synth ambience combined with some clever vocal harmonies and you have the musical ensemble known as Catalonia. Imagine Wilco meets the Smtihs.


Catalonia is a dynamic, four-piece pop rock band from South Florida. Drawing from a large palette of favorite Rock, Brit Pop and Americana influences, Catalonia fuses intense melancholy with catchy vocals, multi-layered guitar, and ambient synth textures to create danceable power pop.

Catalonia's first full-length release An Island Is Land was recorded over the course of a year at The Jungle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. An Island Is Land is the long-awaited follow-up to Catalonia's self-titled EP released in June of 2004. Unlike the EP, which was recorded under concise time restrictions, An Island Is Land was allowed time and space to develop naturally. The band was intentionally patient with the recording process and careful to allow the album to breathe in between periods of densely layered anxiety.

After spending a year in the studio followed by a brief hiatus, the current lineup of singer-guitarist Evan Rowe (Chlorine), singer-guitarist-keyboardist Chris Horgan (Sweet Bronco), drummer Ed Malone (The Necrophiles), and bassist Mike Johnson (Whirlaway) has reemerged to recreate the music from An Island Is Land for a live audience.


An Island Is Land
Released 2007
Braincloud Records (Indepentent Release)
11 tracks
Available at,,, etc.

Catalonia EP 2005
Released January 2005
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
5 tracks
Available at

Catalonia EP 2004
Released November 2004
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
5 tracks
Available at

The Emperor's New Brain
Released February 2004
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
12 tracks
Available at

Set List

All originals with the occasional covers. A typical set is 40 minutes, but can range up to 90 minutes if necessary.
Set List Varies Show to Show, but generally consists of 8 or 9 of the following songs:
1. Symbiot
2. Free Ride
3. All It Is
4. You Will Be Free
5. Anonymous Bodies
6. Does Your Momma Wanna Be
7. How Will You Know
8. Dispossessed
9. Wanderlust
10.Baby Fly
11.Mudd & the Blues
12.Apartment Song (Tom Petty cover)