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Fort Lauderdale's Catalonia has been through many names and lineup changes over the past seven years. Despite their missteps, they definitely got the music right this time around. Comparisons to the Smoking Popes, Weezer, and Reggie and the Full Effect are apt, but the band possesses something truly unique -- maybe their revival of the Keytar? The quartet's latest release is a promising, self-titled EP featuring four originals and one remix. The only way to accurately describe this record is with a completely nonscientific, track-by-track analysis of the songs. So here goes: Track 1, "Does Your Momma Wanna Be?" My toes start a-tappin' as soon as Evan Rowe sings, "Does your momma wanna be collateral damage..." Track 2, "Nasty Rabbit." My toes team up with my feet and legs, bouncing me off the couch and around my living room. By the second chorus, I'm singing along. Track 3, "Perfect Poser." I'm now knocking various knick-knacks off the shelves with my considerable derrière as I launch into a raucous indie-rock booty shake. Neighbors are peering through my window, and I don't care. Track 4, "Hiding." The neighbors have busted down the door and joined the party. Track 5, a remix of "Nasty Rabbit." Repeat as desired. Conclusion: Catalonia pulls off what so many bands have spent years trying to do: dance-friendly, fun indie rock with intelligent lyrics, excellent composition, and amazing harmonies.
-- Maggie-Margret - New Times Broward

"Clean Slate - Second time's the charm"

Bands are like computers; sometimes they just have to log out, shut down, and restart after some much-needed time off. When Fort Lauderdale's Chlorine got to that point, the band took a two-year break and reemerged with clear heads and a new name -- Catalonia. With its new name came new songs and a new CD. Judging from the sounds on this disc, the band didn't squander its free time getting loaded and fretting about a record deal. Carefully crafted melodies and thought-provoking lyrics (imagine that!) don't just happen overnight. Think Brit pop meets Weezer. Catalonia plays a CD-release show Sunday at Maguire's Hill 16 (535 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale). Admission costs $5. Call 954-764-4453.
-- Jason Budjinski - New Times Broward

"Catalonia is new and improved"

Catalonia is new and improved
September 28, 2007

Love gone bad got the creative juices flowing for Catalonia guitarist Evan Rowe. The result can be heard on the indie rock band's summer CD, an island is land, the group's first full-length effort. Rowe calls it a "break-up album." He and former member Chris Horgan wrote the 11 tracks as they were each ending long-term romances.
Don't expect a weepfest, however. The rhythms and emotions are enough to keep people from reaching for the tissue box. "It's up, it's down," Rowe said. "Each song is different. I'm proud of it. It's definitely the best thing we've ever done."
The group spent much of 2006 producing the disc with Rowe and Horgan on guitar, bassist Kevin Brauss and drummer Ed Malone. Brauss and Horgan, who also provided back-up on keyboards, have gone on to pursue separate solo careers in Los Angeles.
Broward County residents Rowe, Malone and their new bassist, Mike Johnson, plan on touring to promote the CD later this fall. The trio have been performing together for the past year and are the latest lineup since Catalonia was formed in 2004. Rowe is the only member left from the original band, whose musical influences include Weezer, U2, R.E.M. and Radiohead.
Rowe's reading habits contributed to the group getting its name from the George Orwell book, Homage to Catalonia. "He's a pretty influential, important person," said Rowe of the author. "And basically, I just liked the title."

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"An Island Is Land - Review"

September 20, 2007
By Abel Folgar

Catalonia falls into that deliciously saccharine category of local acts that includes, among others, Secret P.E. Club, Humbert, and Map of the Universe. Its base is solidly built on the sonic foundation of American garage, Britpop, psych-pop, and jazzy bossa nova. Operating as a foursome on this recording (currently a trio but just as full sounding), Catalonia's debut full-length, An Island Is Land, is a well-constructed 11-track effort covering the range of influences a young band will have. The Pixies, Elliot Smith, Hüsker Dü — it's all here — but so is Catalonia, and you'll get to know them well. The craftsmanship of its songs forego any thoughts of amateurism, as these guys handle their instruments and songwriting with authority. The opening digital attack of synthesizers guided by the drum cadence on "Symbiot" provides a succinct guideline for what follows before romping into the funkier tune "Free Ride." Three-quarters of the way in, Catalonia's hooks and melodies, supported by a tight rhythm section, command a slowing of the pace. Evan Rowe's vocals are carefree and have plenty of range. The closing trio of "Somebody Else's Dream," "How Will You Know?," and "Dispossessed" work well together as a finale, with the band pulling no punches on the last track. Chris Horgan's strings and keys add playful dimensions and ambience, while drummer Ed Malone gels well with Kevin Brauss, giving all tracks — get this — a danceable feeling. Yup, all that crazy talk of rock music you can dance to is true. Catalonia brings the sounds; you bring the ass to shake. - New Times Broward - Palm Beach


All Island Is Land
5 Stars – Rock Legends

South Florida has produced quite a strange mix of bands in the past 30 years or so. Most are so listener unfriendly that they’ll never make it an inch out of the swamp. But Catalonia, made up of a few Fort Lauderdale fellas, has developed a unique sounds that will surely take them to the charts sooner than later. The album is filled with eerie tracks that use pretty much every instrument a group of guys can get their hands on, including feedback, to set the mood and sound that recalls all the good parts from Bright Eyes, Ben Folds, and Wilco. “Dispossessed” stands out as single material, while “All It Is” and “Everything Will Be Fine” are radio friendly and sure to be favorites.
- Six Degrees Magazine

"An Island Is Land - Review"

January 2008 Issue
An Island Is Land
Catalonia’s tender, fuzz -drenched rock feels far removed from their brassy, sundrenched hometown, Ft. Lauderdale. The group--lead singer Evan Rowe, drummer Ed Malone, and bassist Mike Johnson--spent much of 2006 perfecting a sonically textured output and it shows on the trio’s self-released full-length debut, An Island Is Land.
Although the band has called it a “break up” album because it was written during a time when Rowe and former member Chris Horgan were ending long relationships, the songs’ somber lyrics are buoyed by quirky instrumentation.
Take “All That Is,” for example: this lovelorn tale of a “condescending high society girl” and her dejected slacker ex is sung to a steady acoustic guitar which bursts into shambolic spectacle within two minutes time. The disaffected “The Mudd and the Blues” also haunts, with its lunar module sounding distorted feedback.
It is Catalonia’s skill at administering hooks which makes An Island is Land so memorable. The ringing guitars and enigmatic Michael Stipe-esque falsettos heard on “You Will Be Free “ are reminiscent of the jangly, pre-“Losing My Religion” wonders of REM. Closing number “Dispossessed” has the acerbic bite of a “Bettlebum”-era Blur, with Rowe hinting at a slight Damon Albarn lisp.
The fact that Catalonia can produce such audible bliss without the luxury of hot-shot producers or a glossy record label’s funds is a testament to their high level song craft. An Island is a Land shouldn’t be missed.

By: Alex Rendon
- Closer Magazine


An Island Is Land
Released 2007
Braincloud Records (Indepentent Release)
11 tracks
Available at,,, etc.

Catalonia EP 2005
Released January 2005
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
5 tracks
Available at

Catalonia EP 2004
Released November 2004
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
5 tracks
Available at

The Emperor's New Brain
Released February 2004
Braincloud Records (Independent Release)
12 tracks
Available at



Catalonia is a dynamic, four-piece pop rock band from South Florida. Drawing from a large palette of favorite Rock, Brit Pop and Americana influences, Catalonia fuses intense melancholy with catchy vocals, multi-layered guitar, and ambient synth textures to create danceable power pop.

Catalonia's first full-length release An Island Is Land was recorded over the course of a year at The Jungle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. An Island Is Land is the long-awaited follow-up to Catalonia's self-titled EP released in June of 2004. Unlike the EP, which was recorded under concise time restrictions, An Island Is Land was allowed time and space to develop naturally. The band was intentionally patient with the recording process and careful to allow the album to breathe in between periods of densely layered anxiety.

After spending a year in the studio followed by a brief hiatus, the current lineup of singer-guitarist Evan Rowe (Chlorine), singer-guitarist-keyboardist Chris Horgan (Sweet Bronco), drummer Ed Malone (The Necrophiles), and bassist Mike Johnson (Whirlaway) has reemerged to recreate the music from An Island Is Land for a live audience.