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Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Perfection is often sought after by bands, major or unsigned. The perfect sound, the perfect look, the perfect line up. Most often than not, bands crash and burn when they try to be perfect, to be better than everyone else. Usually, the most successful bands are the most modest, the ones who try to do what they want, not to be in an everlasting race. Guns N' Roses were considered the perfect band, with hit after hit on every album, with a sound that was remarkable at its time. However, humans were not built to be perfect. Manly can speculate why the band broke up, some choose to say Slash quit the band, others say Axl Rose was too cocky. So, when Axl wished to bring back GnR he went for different people and too many, it's what nailed the coffin shut on Guns N' Roses legacy. Axl tarnished the perfect band by not convincing Slash to return, many also believe. What exactly is perfection? The concept goes back to the Greece thinker Aristotle, who said three definitions of "Perfection":

1. Which is complete — which contains all the requisite parts;
2. Which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better?
3. Which has attained its purpose?

CATALYSIS has attained its purpose. The bands sole creation was to be a band that had a distinct sound, a different meaning than most bands. Catalysis is the process in which the rate of a chemical reaction is either increased or decreased by means of a chemical substance known as a catalyst. The band is a human reaction, which took months to form, to create the sound. With vocals of the hardcore genre, the singer proves that clean vocals can still belong in Tampa metal. Guitars that bring the metal feel, it pushes the singer to go deep with his vocals to also bring out the guttural singing, with their groove Thrash riffs. The drummer completes this blitzkrieg. Pure metal drum lines.
So is CATALYSIS perfect? It has attained its purpose, and since 2008 this beast of Tampa metal has been tearing up venue after venue, earning their spot in the metal pecking order, and in the fans hearts.



The music is very well written and composed, full of that rip your face off metal
we all have grown to love. The agression continues. I really enjoyed the way they do the tempo changes, from a full
assault on the sences to melodic harmonies - this one has it all. This EP is metal. Be sure to check out these guys
when they head to your town. Hailing from Tampa, FL where the Death Metal was born in the mid 80’s, Catalysis fits
right in with the likes of: Obituary, Deicide, Atheist, and Morbid Angel to name (drop) a few. - All Acess Music Magazine

"A Night On The Town"

Catalysis is another heart stopping, in your face,
power-driving band.

Mike Vredeveld/Singer, Shawn
Brandon/guitar, Jarred Sasso/Guitar, Chad Fite/bass & Ron Parmer/Drums are
the chemical force behind this Tampa band's heavy
rhythms, and powerful

crowd gathered as
each strike of the
drum hit the kit, they
swung their heads to
each commanding
cord struck by the
steel guitars,
Catalysis, influenced
and mesmerized the
crowd as they chanted
for one last song.

This band is a must
see, if you can't get to Tampa, well, Catalysis is coming to
you check out their page for more details,

-Liz McCain - All Access Music Magazine

"Top Bands of Tampa"

CATALYSIS is a powerful Metal band with an energetic stage presence. One website called them the #1 Tampa band to look for on 2010 - Jay Cridlin -

"Top 10 bands"

This band has only been around a few months and have already have the Tampa scene on its head. All music and no ego, these guys have one of the most dynamic stage presence and killer sounds anyone could ask for. Catalysis will own 2010, no doubt about it. - Wes Cambron - The


E.P. 2009



In 2008 CATALYSIS (pronounced kuh-tal-uh-sis) formed out of the ashes of the best parts of some outstanding Florida bands.

It all started when Shawn Brandon went looking for elite musicians to build a band with, so he posted some ads on several local music classified site looking for other musician interested in heavy/melodic music that would set them apart from other bands in their local scene.

Within a day or two Jared Sasso answered the ad and after a lengthy phone discussion and jam session the two guitarists hit it off and they knew they had instant chemistry.

They're mixture of heavy riff phrasing; acoustic melodies & precise harmony structures set them apart from the norm.

Next challenge would be finding a vocalist that could complement they're chemistry and musical outlook.

Following up on a tip from a friend Brandon and Sasso contacted vocalist Mike Vredeveld about the vocalist position.

Seeking a heavy yet melodic singer the two guitarists knew it would be a challenge but after hearing Vredeveld's mixture of heavy screams/growl phrasings with his ability to belt out crystal clear melodic vocals they knew hands down he was the man for the job.

After countless Drummer auditions long time friend Ron Parmer accepted the invitation by the band & from the first jam they knew he was the person for the job. Ron's playing takes the band to a whole new level all together & his drumming skills & dedication are very much unmatched.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when Chad Gregory a veteran of the scene came in to fill the Bass slot. Chad brought in a unique style & approach that fully brought the low end to life in the band's music & thus completing CATALYSIS.

Since 2008 CATALYSIS has been playing shows & winning over fans throughout the South. With a never say die & DIY attitude they have managed to open for some big names in the music industry like, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Black Label Society, Devil Driver, Trivium & Otep.

After completing a East Coast Tour CATALYSIS doesn’t just sit back & wait to see what happens next or wait for opportunities, they actually make it happen.