Western PA Hard Rock/Metal


In a land where we worship kings, a new power arises from an abyss of synthetic and talentless music. On the edge of total oblivion, Catalyst stands strong. A breath of Sweet Freedom and passion is taken in by a new legion of fans. A swift current of electric energy passes from instrument to instrument. Not Two Faced, there are no lies here. Not Shadowed, there is no darkness here. Just pure unadulterated power. Epic Glory, and a lust for more. As if an Incarnate of all things mighty, Catalyst stands above all other production based entities. "Catalyst records its songs as Ghengis Khan Goes to war"-Music Connection Magazine. So I say to all lovers of Metal, will you stand and fight beside us? Will you rally to our battle cries?....

.Because you have not the smallest hope of standing in front of us...



The Incarnate

Written By: John Burns

The fiery gates have opened
The beast forked tounge lashes out
The nightmare has just begun
The demon's lies begin to sprout

Here, far, far far away
He with white sword has come

Blazed in all his glory
The demon's time has run out

He hath brought this sickness on me
To be counting numbered days
The Incarnate wants his revenge
Pandemonium is his way

Wake up, time is here, let it out
Rise up, start to pray, begin to shout

Copyright Catalyst 2007
All Rights Reserved

Tale of Two Faces

Written By: Catalyst

Give me an answer
Free me of doubt
Break your mind open
And let me out

You're staying inside
Where no one can see
Shut the fuck up
Stop talking to me

Run him with the blade again
Run him through the heart

Your meaning is nothing
You can't even breathe
You pace and you wonder
About which is real

I don't have to wonder
I don't have to doubt
You're only illusion
You're not coming out

Run him with the blade again
Run him through the heart

Copyright Catalyst 2007
All Rights Reserved

We Won't Bow

Written By: Catalyst

In a world where we worship kings
We walk a path anew
Suicide bombers and religious extremists
We wont bow to you

You teach your kids to be machines (We, Wont, Bow)
A wasted life is wasted bitching (Stand for something now)
I taste your hate but it has no substance, war makes you cringe but you fight for nothing.

I feel a new power arising
It may seem insane to you
Appriciate all things you're given
This land laid out for you.

Copyright Catalyst 2007
All Rights Reserved


Catalyst Demo 2007
Independent Recording and Release
1) We Won't Bow (4:11)
2) Tale of Two Faces (5:16)
3) The Incarnate (3:17)
4) Shadows (5:32)

PA Metal Compilation Volume II.2007. (to be released)
(in cooperation with Baghead)

Catalyst recieves airplay on local college radio stations, such as IUP's WIUP 90.1

B Sides.
Sweet Freedom
Lonely Nights
No Prisoners Taken

Myspace as well is streams on DVE radio in Pittsburgh and their website.

Set List

The band currently can play about an hour set of originals.

Sample Setlist:
1) We Won't Bow (4:11)
2)Tale of Two Faces (5:16)
4) Sweet Freedom (4:38)
5) The Incarnate (3:17)
6) Shadows (5:32)
7) No prisoners Taken (4:06)
8) Lonely Nights (5:09)