"... rich vocals deliver each song with such intensity you can almost feel your heart leap..." (MTV). Very powerful, secularly soulful, intelligent yet unpretentious rock, pop, alternative, grunge music. Amazing vocals delivering engaging songs stretched over a highly original rhythm section.


EMI just released 'Change', a song written by Neve and Guy Eliyahou, on 'Rock In Asia' (Aug 07,

What sets the band apart is Neve, Catamaran's frontman, who's an international musician whose singing has been repeatedly lauded as "powerful, charismatic..." and whose "... rich vocals deliver each song with such intensity you can almost feel your heart leap..." (MTV).

Neve opened for American band Hoobastank in 04 as well as headed hundreds of gigs in Holland, Germany, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Thailand and France with his former band - The Ocean Band. In November 05, that band was voted National Winners and was flown to the 'World Battle Of The Bands - World Finals' in Hong Kong (

2007 Aug, Catamarn held two amazing Jeff Buckley tribute events that were enthusiastically promoted on

2006 saw The Ocean Band on the main stage of the international Sembawang Festival back in Singapore and, shortly afterwards, in the world renowned Esplanade Concert Hall (making it their fifth gig within the Esplanade -

Catamaran's music is the result of such diverse influences as Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, Police, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden and Tori Amos.

Tony (drums) is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and technically proficient drummers in his country. He received a scholarship from Drumtech, London's top drum and percussion school.

Shahar (bass) is a gifted, technically amazing musician who plays numerous instruments.

Yaniv Z. (lead guitar) is a powerful yet sensible guitarist with his own Les Paul sound.. Hand-picked out of many hopefuls, he's the most recent addition to the band.


Aug 07 - Catamaran is formed
Sep 07 - The band is finishing work on a professionally produced 4-song EP.

The following applies to Neve's former band, The Ocean Band:
Tracks from the album 'Barcodes' have received regular airplay on 93.8 FM (Singapore) during the summer of 2005 as has the single 'Come On' on Power98 FM in early 2006.

Live recordings of various shows as well as The Ocean Band's appearance on the Arts Central documentary program 'Front' can be found at

Set List

The band held 2 Jeff Buckley tribute gigs (Jun, Aug 07) but has yet to perform an all-original gig. This is expected to happen around Oct 07.

The band is a purely original outfit, though the musicians might on occasion enjoy playing one of the following songs: 'Dream Brother' or 'Grace' (Jeff Buckley), 'Insignificance' or 'Corduroy' (Pearl Jam) etc.