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It’s rare in the music industry today to see a band come about that is looking to create something huge from what they believe in and what they feel is right…and actually succeed. “From the very beginning, our band has been all about creating and developing this intense, energetic and original material, but coming from a genre that hasn’t had much commercial success” formally put by lead singer Charles Pebler. “We didn’t start this band to gain immediate commercial success or even commercial success at all, but rather because we were all so comfortable playing with each other and the music we create together is so imaginative, catchy and is always fun to play” says Pebler. It has gotten to a level where this band captivates every audience they are put in front of. Catapillar Silk is about to take off and share their pristine funk-rock style with the world.

Catapillar Silk consists of four friends that have come from all over the country to attend the prestigious and well respected school of music at the University of Miami. All the guys were attending the University with the same vision which included finding a band that would be able to encompass a sound that not only fit well to their likings, but that they would be able to call their own style. Individually the members had ideas as to where they wanted their music to go, but it wasn’t until they formed Catapillar Silk that their visions became reality. They started developing a style of music that they knew had an enormous amount of musical integrity while maintaining great energy, getting people up and dancing no matter what the circumstance. With this comes the bands ability to strive off of the audience’s energy and entertain any audience they are able to perform for. “I love creating music that gets peoples blood flowing, that keeps emotion running through them at all times” says Charles Pebler.

“I like the flexibility we have when creating new tunes, and our ability to bring in styles of music that we have learned from legends past. Our influences are so important to remember and incorporate into our music because they are the reason why we are all here, they are the reason we love music so much, and they are our inspiration” says guitarist Jordan Davidson. The songs have an underlying neo-soul-like movement to them, driven by the soulful bass work of Eric England and the intense rhythmic spice of Jon Lazar, who has recently played drums for R&B superstar Lauryn Hill's latest studio recording. Guitarist, Jordan Davidson, makes the music sting with guitar solos resembling those of David Gilmour, while Lead Singer/Guitarist Charles Pebler's voice evokes images of both a 1940's baritone crooner and classic rock singer circa 1968. Every member of The Silk is a songwriter and able to play an assortment of instruments.

Over the recent months Catapillar Silk has performed in New York City, more frequent performances in the South Florida region, and they have also hit every major market in Florida including Gainesville, Tallahassee and Orlando. One of the first shows they played as a band was also one of the more memorable experiences to date. The band was chosen to play in a 13 band competition in front of various record labels and other music insiders in Lakeland, FL. The bands competing were all nationally touring acts, but it was the young Catapillar Silk who took third place, who was approached by the president of CED distribution Steve Lane and other record company presidents.

The future is looking bright for this exuberant sounding foursome from Miami. Their originality and unique style has attracted the likes of production expert Jean-Marie Horvat who will be mixing and engineering a few tracks for the upcoming album from The Silk. With the credits he has built up, working with Artist’s such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, David Bowie and Xzibit, he will be sure to provide insight and value to the album. Catapillar Silk is aiming to wrap up the album this summer, with a possible summer 2006/early fall release. After the release of the album the guys will be performing throughout the country, releasing a single and producing their first music video, with plenty of other surprises in the works.


“Attire is Fire” 3 song EP Title Track is in regular rotation on the web radio show, Rock Solid Pressure, which is also being broadcast on KWTF the Edge in Texas. It is in the top 10 of

Set List

The great thing about Catapillar Silk is that there is no such thing as a typical playlist to them. You can count on their setlist consisting of at least 80% original music. Aside from that they like to throw in an occasional cover from Earth Wind and Fire or James Brown. And if the crowd is good enough they will play Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride, which has become a fan favorite.
They usually play 8-12 songs in their set, but when given longer set times you could expect more jamming and a few surprises.