Catapults and Parachutes

Catapults and Parachutes


Catapults and Parachutes: electric jazz quartet, plays original jazz with rock, classical and avant-garde influences. Toured across the US and played to hundreds of fans. Performances engage audiences with impressive arrangements and solos that range from introspective and beautiful to explosive.


After successfully completing their first US national tour, Catapults and Parachutes is preparing to hit the road again. Having played in an array of venues, from indie rock clubs to upscale jazz and supper clubs, the group has shown its ability to transcend genre. Catapults and Parachutes is an innovative Jazz Collaborative that respects the rich jazz tradition while focusing on original compositions that explore other genres including rock, classical and avant-garde. The band's compositional style combines contrapuntal melodies, odd meters and complex and shifting rhythmic structures which challenge and liberate their musical personalities. Yet, their music is surprisingly accessible and is enjoyed by musicians, non-musicians and everyone in between.

Cameron Holt, Rafal Sarnecki, Luke Schneiders and Tucker Yaro all began studying at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan at the same time. They played one of their first jam sessions at the school together and have been close friends and collaborators ever since. In 2006, Holt began composing music for a new and different project which he felt would reflect the way his musical style and tastes have evolved during his time in New York and at the New School. Holt quickly enlisted Sarnecki, Yaro and Schnieders to round out the quartet and began playing gigs--and Catapults and Parachutes was born.


New EP is scheduled to be completed and available May 1, 2008.

Set List

Typical performance is two sets, each 45-60 minutes in length. Sets consist mostly of originals with typically 5-6 songs in a set, often segueing between tunes.