Cat Bohannon

Cat Bohannon


If Tori Amos had started out as a published poet and essayist instead of a child prodigy, listened to a lot of Rage Against the Machine, Tom Waits and Cole Porter, snagged an MFA from a snazzy school before she was 25 and belonged to Generation Y, she might sound a little like Cat Bohannon.


Cat spent the last summer in Europe researching materials for her latest book and drawing inspiration for her upcoming album "Revisionist."

She found the spiders in the sewers of Vienna particularly inspiring. (Apparently you can take a tour thanks to the film the Tenth Man.) There's only one permanent light in the 20 mile tunnel, and about 3,000 spiders (most the size of Jawbreakers) make their home around its rectangular glow. Where the flies come from, Lord knows. The tour guide liked to shoot a pistol up the cross-tunnels to scare out the rats. He also set a box on fire and sent it floating down the river of city runoff.

Cat would like to insist that she's not morbid.

It's really just a symptom of having mailing addresses in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Indianapolis, Northampton Massachusetts, London, Marseilles, and Tucson Arizona.

Weird things start to jump out at you. Like sewer spiders.

(Note: Cat's promotional team would also like to mention that she's really very morbid - but has a tolerable sense of humor. Sort of like Tim Burton before his work fell apart. She's also won a small bundle of awards for her writing and music, will be attending Columbia's School of the Arts in 2006, and was most recently published in the Georgia Review in the Spring 2005 issue.)


Rabbit Hole

Written By: Cat Bohannon

I only wanted to ask
"do you want me?"
but I chose
nothing at all,
which didn't help my case…

poor dumb
watered down me
who didn't fight for you,
who thought all
fighting was done
at the advent of love,
so I'm out like the queen of hearts
with her idiot guard

here, in the rabbit hole
I wanted only you

old ratty chair
in which I've spent
too much time,
it looks like
it's you and me...
so cast your bet, who
says I could handle it?

Chicken Little was right,
the sky is falling...
but sadly,
it's falling up

and heaven gets
further away
each hour

Down here,
in the rabbit hole
I wanted

Grand Central Love Letter

Written By: Cat Bohannon

Oh, you
ought to be my baby...
Rest your head upon
my shoulder, I'll be on
the North to Stamford

Oh, your
eyes are broken candy...
Through the subway dust
the rail pulls toward you out of lust
or envy

I'm just a robin in the springtime,
just an orchid who can't find her locust...

Oh, you
ought to be my baby...
A swallow of sugar, or
at least from here to New Rochelle.

Knight in Shining Trust Fund

Written By: Cat Bohannon

I, too
have been romanced into
the idea of CEOs
as the new princes
of our feudalistic
Wall Street landed lordship, so

Come on
Mr. Money
Says that you’re the best...

The soft whir of your helicopter
breezing through my condo doors
the old sticky perfume of lilies
crammed in urns on the marble floor

and you
come trailing in
among your flunkies
and your yes-men
and tell me, "honey,
I need you to look good tonight"

you're a latch-key lover
(what's your name, honey?)
latch-key lover
(what's your game, Charlie?)
latch-key lover
(what's your fame, Donald?)

and all, too, the bourgie menu
I'll be sure to recommend
the Tour de Salmon, Coquille St. Jambon –
neat fillets of circumstance

and should I ever ask
what you wanted from my wine glass
you'll tell me "the palette,
the palette must be trained"


oh let's paint the town
let's march out
let's demand the ransom of kings
let's walk on the tattered carpets
let the receipts fall like rain
let the society columns rattle their chains
we'll call this love
they'll call it love
nobody's got a better performance
let the culture of envy reign


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