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Catch 2

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A dynamic and diverse blend of Hip Hop/Rap, and R&B, with a gospel message. The music has the thump to make the speakers rattle; but more importantly, their lyrics have the riveting tendency to make you think, and to make your heart melt. Their positive and inspirational message will uplift everyone


Eric Crowder (E Miracle), 25, and Jahmy Graham (Jah Muzik), 23, grew up together in the impoverished areas of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, California amid the negative influences of neighborhood gang life. Initiated into the same gang on the same day at the young age of 13 and 12, E Miracle and Jah Muzik participated in a life of drugs, sex, violence, and criminal activity.

In his adolescent years, Eric became a product of his environment as he witnessed his mother engaged in narcotic sells, his father incarcerated, and the influence of gangsters and thugs in his neighborhood. Gang banging at the young age of 11, Eric sold drugs, engaged in pre-marital sex, gambled on a regular basis, and created a criminal record for himself. His run-ins with the law include: petty and grand theft, grand theft auto, breaking and entering, possession, and drug sales on school campuses. Eric also indulged in various drugs, hard liquor, and smoked cigarettes. He did just about anything to get high in an effort to run away from the realities of his negative lifestyle.

The product of separated parents (who later divorced) at a very young age and influenced by the negative lifestyles of his father and older brothers, Jahmy was destined for a life of crime and failure. Jahmy was caught with a loaded gun in the fifth grade and was expelled from his elementary school. Jahmy participated in drive-by shootings and was arrested on an attempted murder charge at the tender age of 14. The charge was later reduced to Assualt with a deadly weapon, and he served almost two years in a juvenile detention center and boot camp.

As partners-in-crime, Eric and Jahmy participated in countless unlawful activities. But now as partners in positive music, they are changing the way people see rap music.

With their lives headed for despair and destruction, the grace and mercy of God stepped in right on time. On May 16, 1999, Eric and Jahmy were invited separately to the same church, Bethany Community Church Outreach, by two different individuals. Miraculously, both Eric and Jahmy were converted and born again on this day together. By committing their lives to Christ, Eric and Jahmy were rescued from a path of spiritual and physical destruction to a life of truth, fulfillment, and praise for the Word of God.

The testimonies of Eric and Jahmy are amazing. Today, Eric sings in the choir while Jahmy plays the drums and the bass guitar at their church.

They regularly reach out to their generation to help young people in similar situations to those of their past to change their lives for the better. They visit, perform for, and give motivational talks to incarcerated juveniles and prison inmates to spread their message of hope and change.

In 2000, they created the Christian rap group Catch 2. The name Catch 2 was derived from their personal testimony that God reached down to “catch� both Eric and Jahmy out of destruction at the same time. Using rap music and God’s message, Catch 2 is on a mission to “catch� as many people as they can regardless of race, creed, color, and lifestyle.

While they are busy building their independent label, Catch 2 Records/T.H.M.B.G. Ent. Inc., both are staying busy with other activities. Eric attends school and maintains an impressive construction and carpentry career. His future goals include a clothing line and franchising.

Jahmy is a full time college student, currently working toward his B.A. and MBA in Business, Spanish, and Management. Post B.A./M.B.A., he plans to pursue a law degree.

They are the proud husbands of two beautiful Christian women, Manon Crowder (Eric) and Nzinga Graham (Jahmy). Jah Muzik is now a producer in addition to continuing to write and finish the final touches on their up and coming Sophomore full release.

With "Still Here" slated to be released this summer, they are aiming to go international. For more info and to buy their first CD, please visit, or


Catch 2, first full length CD, 2002
Unlocked, single for "Pursue Your Dreams" Compilation, (nominated for 2007 Stellar Award)
Still Here, Second full length CD, This summer 2007