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Catch Curtis

Muncie, Indiana, United States

Muncie, Indiana, United States
Band R&B Funk


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"Show Review: March 6th, 2010"

UV Hippo & Catch Curtis :: March 6th, 2010 :: Booney's :: Avon, IN

Catch Curtis took the stage early, and ready to rock. They brought an awesome chunk of fans down to Avon for their set. They started their show with an awesome song that basically defined psychedelia. Their fans crammed up to the stage and were dancing hard. I coved them in fog as Hollingshead moved lights around them. I was more than impressed with this new sound. More and more fans flooded the room, and I knew Booney's was going to be happy. Catch Curtis created a pure piece of art on this night, and I know they will blow up. They have a perfect mix of funk, fusion, jam, psychedelic, experimental, and almost electronica. Bassist Matt Parkinson put down the rhythm that made fans dance. Drummer Nick Rapley created the beat perfectly, and together the two read off each other perfectly. I was very impressed with Charles Ashton Kleeman's key work, and have yet to find a local key player as talented. Guitarist Josh Lockwood is no joke either! He ripped in and out of lead and filler music. You could tell Josh was true to his sound as he made the facial expressions to match. Together the entire band is a perfect match. Their songs were original, catchy, and very well put together. I could see this band headlining festivals in a year or so. They said goodnight, and the fans screamed for more. I thought "Damn this is just the opener." Catch Curtis gave the fans one more song, even though the dancers wanted another entire set. What a good way to start this awesome night.


- Hidden Relic Productions

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Judges chose "Catch Curtis" as "Best New/Breakout Artist of 2009" for this year's Indy In-Tune Podcast Battle of the Bands. -


Catch Curtis
(2009 self titled / debut album)
Radio airplay on MAX 93.5 and 96.7 FM. Also streamed on FM Music Live:



The mission of Catch Curtis is quite simple. They yearn to break boundaries and explore what can sound tantalizing on stage in one moment, and at the same moment make little to no sense theoretically on paper. Catch Curtis most effectively takes notice of the contemporary jazz scene on both the regional and national levels. Matt, Josh, Nick, and Ashton all bring different influences to the band that all seem to mesh so perfectly together. As artists who don't want to limit themselves inside of genres, Catch Curtis will sometimes just peek into the crevices and on top of the surfaces of certain musical styles, just to make fun of them...but they pride themselves on diving into multiple musical styles just to churn the aural palettes of those who listen. Even though Catch Curtis is entirely instrumental (at the moment), audience members will testify to some of their tongue-in-cheek approaches to melody and presentation and how much it adds to their overall experience at live shows.

As time has passed, Catch Curtis has matured and grown into a mechanism, rather than 4 guys trying to operate one. As Catch Curtis enters into their scene, they aim to be contributing members of not only their regional art-form, but of their local community.

In the summer of 2009, Catch Curtis was asked to record in the David Letterman Studios at Ball State University for an immersive telecommunications class. A good friend of Catch Curtis and nationally-renowned jazz trumpeter, Mark Buselli, was kind enough to come into the studio and lay down a couple solos. Catch Curtis was most recently named Best New/Emerging Artist of the 2010 Indy In-Tune Podcast Battle of the Bands. Take note: Catch Curtis will be spiraling around the nation soon enough and the artists, business owners, but most importantly the soon-to-be fans caught in Catch Curtis's path will feel an exhilarating shock-wave consequently. .

The Legend of Curtis.......

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