Soaring vocals & crunchy guitars. Driving beats & moody piano. Thundering bass and a full assortment of beeps & boops - emotionally engaging sturm und drang with sing-along choruses you'll be humming for days.


In an era of manufactured performers and style over substance, it’s a rare treat to find an artist who puts a higher premium on sweat and blood than on appearances and gimmicks - meet Catcher, an alternative rock band with a mandate to make expansive, dynamic music that means something. Taking his cues from iconic artists like Nine Inch Nails, Big Wreck, A Perfect Circle and the Foo Fighters, front man and songwriter Trevor Bennett founded the group in 2006 on a foundation of solid musicianship, memorable material, and heartfelt lyrical content. Since their inception, the group has released two albums, 2007’s light & shadow and 2009’s hurricane EP, with a second full-length record, May You Live in Interesting Times due in early 2011. 

Catcher quickly earned the respect of the musical community with their high energy stage shows and the soaring vocals of Bennett (a degree-holding, classically trained singer) as he brought his Salinger-inspired alter ego to the stage with a revolving cast of talented musicians. Making their mark on the local scene with a solid live show, Bennett released the self-produced light & shadow to acclaim and radio airplay across the country and as far from home as California and South Africa. The album has sold well in Canada, and has also seen strong mail order and iTunes sales for an independent artist in the United States and Japan. 

Since that debut release, Catcher have been recognized time and again for their hard work and determination. They have toured Eastern Canada on multiple occasions, making friends and fans from St. John’s, NL to Windsor, ON. The light & shadow record was nominated for Alternative Album of the Year and the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award at the 2008 MusicNL Awards – they’ve showcased at the MusicNL Awards, as well as the ECMA’s, Canadian Music Week and COCA. The single “Catch Me If You Can” was named regional finalist in the Canadian Radiostar National Songwriting competition in 2007, and “Me Not You” was featured on the hit Canadian television show Republic of Doyle. 

With May You Live in Interesting Times in post production and plans for the group to extensively tour Canada to promote its release, Catcher show no signs of slowing down. 2011 is shaping up to be a busy year for the group, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Catch Me If You Can

Written By: Trevor Bennett

It's another year with my heart on my sleeve
And one last time, I'll think of her
She's a lifetime ago and a blur in the rearview mirror
I'll stay my course - it's done and there's nothing to fear

For the past is a dangerous game to be played by the broken-hearted
So I'm here, so I'm now, so I'm praying that you can keep pace

That was the deal, I run and you follow
What you love, you release, it returns comes tomorrow
Today I just need to believe you would follow to hold my hand
So catch me if you can

And I know what I said that I promised to you
That I would try - I hope I can keep to my word
I'm the one who's demanding, the one who's got needs and it's hard
I've worn your shoes - I'd better not lose all my nerve

Next Big Thing

Written By: Trevor Bennett

I think it's time to make a difference
I got so tired, sitting on the fence
Can I climb back if I fall down?

I never liked to give it all away
I take my time enough to say
I've always been afraid to risk my heart

I don't mean to excite you
I just wanna be bohemian like you
You could be my next big thing

Funny how your love can break it down
When you know there's plenty to go around
But I still wanna keep it all for you

In disgrace and shock, you communicate
It's all too soon, and it's all too late
But all we ever have is our right now

It's times like this I wonder if I'm dreaming
I'm all afire inside but doubt's not leaving me alone
I'm so afraid to watch what I want coming true before my eyes
I'm so easily broken

You're a weakness I have that I can't erase
you're the purest smile I could ever face
I want it so much to be true

I'll close my eyes and I'll count to ten
If I'm still this sure when I open them
I'll somehow have to sing it all for you

One Sixty

Written By: Trevor Bennett

When I'm in, it's something beautiful
But even then, a tendency to bleed
When I'm out, it just gets clearer
That I can't win, and you will not concede

Lying awake all night beside you
So when you go, at least I'll hear you leave
I know there's truth in what you're speaking
But three small words that I cannot believe

And there you stand so firm and so secure
You're holding hearts like prisoners of war
And if this is what it means to finally see
Then I've decided I don't want to be in the middle anymore

By the time my heart stops beating
It really doesn't matter what you say
Can anybody hear me?
I measure pain in decibels today

Really, there's no shame in losing
Unless you didn't know the game was played
It isn't a sudden burst of conscience
It's knowing there must be a better way

What Do You Think You Are?

Written By: Trevor Bennett

One more tiny thing before I go
You know how much I hate to 'told you so'
Well I don't believe I've seen this side before
I'd almost say you're coming back for more

Wide eyed, nice try, too late, goodbye
Never trust the hype
High time, so-so, don't look, oh no
Aren't you just the type?

What do you think you are?

Don't avert your eyes, it doesn't help
'Have my heart' does not mean 'help yourself'
I'll give you dates and times when i was true
Too bad I couldn't ask the same of you

Asshole, suspect, true love, none left
Bleeding on my knees
Run through, drive-by, hopes up, don't cry
Always such a tease


light & shadow - 2007 (LP)
hurricane - 2009 (EP)

Set List

Typical setlist is ~45 minutes of original material.
Capable of filling 3x 45's if required, including an opening acoustic set and a couple of cover tunes.