The Catch

The Catch


The Catch delivers a feel-good, vacation like, summertime style of music. Rooted in Rock/Reggae and influenced by Sublime, Bob Marley, & more…


Combining a relaxed mix of genre-shifting music, The Catch can easily put its listeners into a summertime state of mind. Influenced by a variety of iconic musicians, The Catch offers tribute to many popular rock, reggae, and folk bands dubbing their style of music “rock on the upbeat”.

The Catch (Catch-Sublime) is also the first of its kind touring Sublime Tribute Band from Chicago Illinois. The Catch offers a full Sublime Tribute show where they deliver the unique feel-good style of the popular rock/reggae/ska band Sublime.

The Catch experience is a crossover of rock jams, reggae rhythms, funk beats, folk and jazz influenced chord progressions, and original music performed with a tasteful musical approach that is hip for all ages.

Set List

The Catch covers popular music in a Rock/Reggae style.
Some of the artists are Sublime, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Dispatch, The Band, Jimmy Cliff, 10cc, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Cameo, Tom Petty, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, 311, OAR and more.