Catch Us If You Can

Catch Us If You Can


Catch us if you can is powerful. We play for Jesus Christ and his light shows through our music.


Catch us if you can was formed officially a year ago. Each member brought a different style of music from past band experiences molding together to play only for the glory....of God. We are a band that plays music for Jesus Christ and choose to bring his light to the stage every time we hit it. We do not play for ourselves. We do not play just to "get big". We play to inject God's love into the ears of kids and hope to leave every show with our heavenly father still on their minds. In a world full of pain, suffering and hatred, the world doesnÂ’t need believers hiding solely behind the walls of a church looking down on the world......It needs believers in the midst of it looking up. That is the mission statement of Catch us if you can


currently we have a single "this love" and it is playing on Broken fm radio.

Set List

3-im sorry
4-this love
5-great and small
we have a 25-30 minute set