Cat Dowling

Cat Dowling

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Cat Dowling's debut album “The Believer” is that kind of album - full of twists, abrupt swerves and quirks. Her voice is an incredible instrument, somehow combining the lilt of Portishead's Beth Gibbons and the sneer of a young Polly Harvey, as she shifts gears and genres with equal panache.


SUNDAY BUSINESS POST (4/5)*** Biography***

Remarkable-voiced Cat Dowling's solo debut considerably exceeds expectations and previous endeavours, delivering an impressive collection of slow-burning melancholic indie rock. Anybody partial to a bit of PJ Harvey will find something to like here.

Its two years since Cat Dowling decided to go solo - and what an end result. On the Believer, she expertly weaves her way through a set that includes dreamy renditions and melodic statements with attitude. It is her incredible vocals that resonate. When mercurial, she is reminiscent of the gutsy Karen O. When the pace slows, the respectful tone evokes Kristin Hersh. Key songs include The Well Runs Dry, a competent and infectious number, while the title track is drenched in wistfulness. Sing you to Sleep with its cabaret undertones is a lullaby of loveliness and provides the perfect closer for the album. _

The strongest collection of her career, a record that is sensitive and dewy eyed when it needs to be, powerfully strident where a little oomph is required. Mostly it’s just Dowling on piano or guitar but she is no wilting chanteuse: there are joyous overtones of Yeah Yeah Yeah's on the title track; the jangling Cruel and the chain-clanking Well Runs Dry have the Gothic urgency of early Cat Power. She has
exceeded expectation with an LP throbbing with anger and ennui.

RTE TEN (4/5)
An inventive approach to already well-aerated matters of the heart on her excellent debut album. Grainy textures are shot through burnished, knotty songs played on harmonium, cello and viola and clearly Dowling is trying to untangle her emotions on the likes of the vaguely pyschedelic Turn and The Rules, which has a light bounce and a lovely Summer shuffle. The Kilkenny-born singer is made of sterner stuff on Someone Else which has the teeth-grinding ferocity of early PJ Harvey while elsewhere she's in vaudevillian Regina Spektor/Julia Feeney territory.
The Believer is that kind of album - full of twists, abrupt swerves and quirks. This is a supremely confident debut from an artist with a lot to say and plenty of bewitching ways to say it.

Cat Dowling always had the air of someone worth keeping tabs on. Like Beth Orton she mixes a folk sensibility with electronica on Turn and The Rules. She isn't afraid to appropriate a Joy Division drum beat to propel the towering Somebody Else. The single Come On is a darker animal which slinks up on the senses nodding to Cat Power and
Portishead. Cat is truly a talent we can now believe in now.

HOT PRESS (8/10)

Stunning solo debut. Her voice is an incredible instrument, somehow combining the lilt of Portishead's Beth Gibbons and the sneer of a young Polly Harvey, as she shifts gears and genres with equal panache, from the exquisite orchestral pop of 'Cruel', through the dark energy of 'Somebody Else', the pastoral 'The Rules' and on to the Sigur Ros-majesty of 'The Well Runs Dry' and the waltzing lullaby of 'Sing you to Sleep', which closes things with a warm glow. The sexiest voice in Irish music is back and The Believer is the best thing she's ever done.

Striking out on her own was a good move for Cat Dowling. The Kilkenny woman's solo debut is probably the best thing she's ever done because she sounds more comfortable unshackled by the limitations of electronic pop. These songs are more organic and consequently warmer, Dowling's evocative, breathy vocals gliding across acoustic pop and
seductive piano motifs with a natural grace. Dowling's influences aren't so easy to pinpoint.. Cat has found her voice with his impressive debut.




Cat Dowling writes beautifully dark pop songs. Her voice has been lauded as one of the most wonderful and evocative in Irish contemporary music. Her husky and achingly intimate vocals will draw you in from the outset.

The acclaimed Irish singer, songwriter and performer previously fronted Babelfish and Alphastates.

Dowling grew up in a conventional household though music was always playing and she was exposed to the Kinks, ACDC, The Rolling Stones, The Jam and the Beatles from an early age. She learnt piano as a child, performed in school musicals and choir groups throughout her youth, and began teaching herself to play guitar and write poetry as a teenager. "I became addicted to the freedom singing gave me" she says. “When I sang as a kid, my mind felt empty, a voice came from nowhere and people always stopped and listened up”.


The Well Runs Dry - Single (June 22 2012)

Cruel - Single (Hot Press Track of the Fortnight) (October 26 2012)

The Believer - (Can Do Records) (Released in Ireland on 10th May)

Set List

The Believer
The Well Runs Dry
Come On
Sing you to Sleep
Somebody Else
The Rules
Gospel Song
Angel Kiss
Champagne Glass