Cat Dowling

Cat Dowling


Vocals that will rip your heart out over ecclectic backdrops sealed with healthy amounts of raw passion best describe Cat Dowling. The voice says it all and the words speak for themselves. Its raw, its sexy and its beautifully tragic.


As the front woman and main songwriter with Alphastates, Cat Dowling picked up many admirers for her energy on the live stage and for her hushed and raw deliveries. Comparisons to Liz Frazer from Cocteau Twins and Beth Gibbons from Portishead have followed her throughout her career, which has seen Cat blossom into a crafted songwriter and a very passionate performer. Songs she has written have featured in everything from major Irish and American dramas to independent European movies to computer games, all the while displaying a rare versatility and gift for melody.

Having played behind the curtains of musical noise for some time, Cat Dowling has finally decided to step out from the behind the shadows and throw herself in doing what she does best - singing her heart out over bare and stripped down backdrops.

Cat Dowling is currently at the mixing stage of her first solo album which is already gathering rave reviews in its listening circles. It’s a bare, eclectic, stripped down affair of funeral pop revealing the depth of Cat’s songwriting ability whilst showcasing the textures and beautiful crackles in her voice.


Currently mixing the debut album. No singles/ Eps have been released to date.