Category 9

Category 9

 Houston, Texas, USA

We sound like the space between rock and mellow rock. Limestone rock maybe?


Category 9 started off as a small acoustic project between Oscar Antonio and Jay Garay but decided to pick up the sound for it needed more than just 2 guitars to contain what they had in ideas. Later on a mutual friend introduced them both to his brother Matthew Vu who had previously worked along with his older brother Anthony Vu in another band.
The Vu brothers loved to play and found this as an opportunity to play with 2 guys who had similar tastes. Matthew picked up the bass and Anthony the drums to complete the band of 4.
Together they practice in a small studio that serves as a small getaway from their everyday lives to torture the smallest of their ideas and force them to mix into something that has everyone's inspiration and heart in it.

Set List

1) 1+1=2
2) See You in a Day
3) Always on the Run
4) The Bends
5) Keep Me Sane
6) Deep Holes
7) A Million Fires
8) Looking At You
10) Kaitlin