Category Five

Category Five

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We're a different type of Hip Hop. It's not gangsta rap, but it definitely isn't Pop. Our music is all about havin' fun, and living our lives. Our music tells the story of our lives. We live to have fun.


Our music is fun. Period. If you want to party, you'll love it. If you wanna get freaky, you'll love it. We can be tough, we can be drunk, and we can be loved. G and Da HooK are two individuals that just wanna have fun. We met in college, and been livin the college life ever since. Hip Hop has become a part of our lives, and we embrace it and want to make it better. Music lacks fun now a days, so consider us the party boys of Hip Hop.


3 Nites (Act Like a Clown)

Written By: Category Five


Put 'em up, let's go! Don't slow down
3 Nites of the week we can act like clowns
Put 'em up, let's go! Don't slow down
3 Nites of the week we can act like clowns
Now act like a clown, just act like a clown
Time to get loose and act like a clown
Just act like a clown, just act like a clown
Time to get loose and act like a clown

Verse 1

End of the week and pay day's here
Lemme make it clear to the bank I steer
Lemme drop some lettuce on a bad shoe fetish
wit a hat to match you know i peeped the fish
Ladies goin' out (get you hair did)
Niggas goin' out (tryna make some kids)
Category number five comin over your spot
where the bottles pop and the girls are hot
where the haters be roamin and the fun don't stop
and everyone else screamin FUCK THE COPS!
Brunette on my right. a blonde to my left
Ms. Carrot in the front wit her hand on my test
it's the weekend so you know we do it right
we drank all the shit that'll leave you outta sight
three nites of the week, it's time to get loose
so come on get loud and sweat profuse!


Verse 2

Category Five's gettin down tonight
pockets are right so it's on tonight
who needs sleep? not me and my peeps
the DJ scratches like a dog wit fleas
No on seafood i'll have tacos please (ewww crabs!)
wit a side of ice (ahhh!) Brain Freeze!
Sausage and Brats? this aint the midwest
we'll redirect you like an orange vest
It's ladies night and your boys are here
Here's the lineup go and get your gear
You and you, oh yea and you.
I need one more. yep that's you
Ladies and gents, your startin' lineup
And didn't you notice their fine ass butts?
Put up your cups, but don't spill the liquor
Unless it's on her then go ahead and lick her


Verse 3

Bringin down the house like Queen Latifah
If she stays on me then tonight i'm a beat her
go on baby girl, drop it down low
wit them short ass shorts like Semi Pro
Now pick it up like Waste Management
It's gettin' outta hand! EMT! Bandages!
Wit us it's never dull sorta like a knife
This is our life, ooh yea, we like.
Fuck VIP I know ya'll heard me
On the dance floor is where you can find G
Makin' faces like he's eatin somethin' sour
we got the hunnies strippin like they jumpin in the shower
3 Nites of the week of the week i'm a act like a clown
the club is my diet cuz i'm losin pounds
put the raincoats on cuz i'm super soakin hoes
all the girls get low and show your camel toes!



Right now, Category Five is strictly underground. When we get airplay, our fans will be the first to know. And I promise it will be amazing when it does. We only put out the best!

Set List

We do our own, original tracks. We have a few producers we work with, including Da HooK. Right now, we're trying to get our names out there locally, and then we can expand from there.