Iowa City, Iowa, USA

We are a bunch of 20-somethings from Iowa City, IA who love to rock and get rocked! We look to music for inspiration, expression, and escape. Nothing pleases us more to see our kitties (fans) purr in the crowd while we melt their faces off with our feline-friendly original tunes.


During the winter of 2011, the band Caterwaulla was born… and it was good. Caterwaulla’s conception was forged upon the fires of boredom and its form smelted from the sediments of blues, the minerals of rock with the strength of roll.

Together, Caterwaulla is a wondrous amalgamation of noise that is sweet enough to make a centaur cry, but funky enough to shake your momma’s booty. If this text accomplishes nothing and leaves you still wondering who/what is Caterwaulla, then I urge you to experience them for yourself. Once at their show and upon giving yourself to the awesomeness of their sound, one will transcend time and space (well, time... maybe not space) while chanting along with the rest of the crowd… “CATERWAULLA”


Caterwaulla - self-titled (May 12th, 2012)