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"A Girl with Blonde and Pink Hair is Hard to Miss"

I thought I saw her across the street; a girl with blonde and pink hair is hard to miss. I called her and we met at the end of the block. She introduced herself, her girlfriend, and her bird, Ketchup. We took a seat at a nearby bench. She placed her basket down and than looked up, smiling. It suddenly struck me, that strange sensation of feeling as if you know someone already even though you first met him or her on the Internet. I came across a You Tube video of her a few weeks prior and, after hearing her voice, knew I wanted to meet…

…we comfortably found ourselves in conversation as we realized we both studied at The School of Visual Arts. She currently attends, majoring in fine art. For her, singing and painting are two art forms in which she is best able to express herself. In both mediums, she creates stories through self-portraiture. She believes that this allows for an accessible product for the general public. In regards to her music, she maintains an organic and positive melody, which makes for a more relatable song. But, if one wanted to read her lyrics, there is a deeper narrative that can be extrapolated. She began writing when she was eighteen and discovered that she had more to say than she felt just painting would allow. It was also around this time that she moved from Virginia Beach to New York City. She began singing and playing her ukulele in the subway, something she continues to do today. A literal underground scene, the subway has become a venue for struggling artists to be seen. It is there where she met her manager. He had seen her when the train doors opened and, after getting off at the next stop, decided to go back and give her his information. They’ve been working together for about four months now and are planning to sell her soon to be released EP where they met…

…I suggested we walk into Central Park. As we sat down, our discussion quickly turned to topics such as Justin Beiber, legalizing marijuana, bullies, New Jersey, and the media. Although I didn’t want to end our talk, it was getting late and I had to leave. They escorted me a few blocks downtown. As we walked, I noticed an old Mercedes waiting at a light. The driver was blasting Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way” on his radio. I turned to look at him and we smiled at one another in appreciation. I thought about how appropriate a distraction that was as we continued walking…

-Jessica Glick - New New York


Still working on that hot first release.



21 year old singer/songwriter Catey Shaw was born in Virginia Beach where she lived until moving to New York City in 2010 to attend the School Of Visual Arts as a painter. Catey discovered her natural talent and love of music through her close relationship with her Grandfather who was a radio host and song writer in Syracuse. As a little girl, when Catey went to see him sing in clubs he would only play her requests if she stood up on a chair and sang with him which she enthusiastically embraced to amazed audience members.

After writing 2 songs on a toy ukulele that was left at her house, her father bought her a real one for her 18th birthday which she still plays to this day in New York City subways to earn extra money. Catey's influences include, Billie Holiday and Bob Marley which is evident in her vocal style and approach to adapting and writing songs on the ukulele. Catey considers herself a true artist and speaks the languages of both music and visual art with equal passion and many of her songs have been crafted around her own sketches and paintings.

From her dorm room at SVA, Catey studies the great masters of both art and music and crafts her own voice that inspires anyone who hears it.