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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Online review.."

There is this band from around here called Catfight! Ever heard of them? No me neither… but I’m sure everyone will soon. The band is just infectious. I mean, they have all the right hooks to sing along to, the gritty White Stripes-y guitar, and their tracks are produced so damn well. I am totally surprised these guys (and gals) aren’t playing way bigger shows. Wait… they opened for Bloodhound Gang and Goldfinger… what??

The band sent me a sampler of three songs from one of their albums and they seem to just breeze by meriting a few repeats. There is an obvious influence of Dandy Warhols and White Stripes, but they are different in a way. For one, their harmonies are tight and the production is much cleaner, really making the music approachable. They have that guy/girl vocal thing going and it works well.

The names of the songs were not included with the CD and my pop-up internet song finder thing says Elvis Presley, but the third song on the disc has the lyrics “My candy cane”. That song is probably the best of the three, featuring a synth line beneath subdued vocals, and then exploding with the candy sweet chorus. It really reminds me of those Warhol guys.

The second track has a killer guitar harmony and the singer shouts “Getting ready for the weekend, getting ready for the summer, getting ready for the show,” which I imagine people will probably do when the band finally breaks.

I mentioned it before, but the production of the disc is absolutely great. They enrolled Jason Robbins (Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper) as engineer, so I guess that will explain it. Everything sounds so clear while maintaining the dirty sound they are going for. The vocals especially benefit from this.

I’m going to go out on a limb and give these guys less than a year before they make it big-time (in Portland standards). They’ve got something super great.

- A Prospering City

"Music review from A&R Select"

These are a set of fresh, radio friendly indie rock tracks with
high energy and an ear for today's indie sound. These songs come through strong
and catchy from verse to chorus. Vocally refreshing and driven, these songs all
have a certain attitude to bring to the table. Straight up drums with a slight
lo-fi sound (of course adding to the pin pointed indie sound Catfight! nails with
every track), key/synth notes added to bring some extra atmosphere, and guitar
driven hooks. Just when you think the impressive pop rock power house that is
Catfight! is over, you learn that this a two piece band. This brings it all up a
notch. A great mix for the genre, and of course perfect production all around.
Catfight! brings a new twist on a whats becoming a classic genre. Impressive from
beginning to end.

Member Services Dept.

A&R Select - A&R Select

"Portland Mercury Blog...."

Mixing 60's Garage rock with Pop elements, makes "CATFIGHT!" the band that's hard to NOT want to listen to. They instantly catch you with clever songwriting and superb production...a package that truly delivers.

Portland Mercury - Portland Mercury


Currently we have an EP out and are working on a full length CD.



Rising from the ashes of Portland bands "BARBARELLA" and "HONEYRYDER", Bass player Bobby Rotten has started a new band,"CATFIGHT!", along with the "Sexy Bone Crushing" drums of Christine. The familiar styles of "VELVET UNDERGROUND","PIXES" and "LE TIGRE", runs deep with "CATFIGHT!", that raw rock sound every band wants...but few can achieve. Already becoming known for their "live" performances in the Northwest with previous members opening up for such bands as Bloodhound Gang, Dishwalla, Goldfinger and The Alarm, CATFIGHT! is becoming a favorite with clubs and crowds. And hey, past sponserships from JAGERMEISTER and ROGUE BEER is a good thing too!! Working with Grammy winning Engineer Jason Robbins(Dwight Yoakam, Michelle Shocked,) and Rob Bartleson( Slackjaw, Everclear ) their first EP was released in Spring 2008.