Catfish Alliance

Catfish Alliance

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Catfish Alliance plays debaucherous high energy rock and roll laden with slide guitar and psychedelic freakouts. Vocal delivery isn't R&B smooth but is heartfelt for sure.


Catfish Alliance formed in Tallahassee, FL in the Summer of '05, playing high energy rock and roll occasionally infused with Beastie Boys inspired hip hop. Catfish Alliance is comprised of Dillon Bradley Brown on drums, Casey on guitar, Jeff Davis on bass, Big E bringing hype and Scott Campbell on lead guitar. The vocals are primarily held down by Casey with a lot of help from Dillon. The delivery is definitely not R and B smooth but heartfelt for sure. Big E is the band's Flavor Flav inspired hype man delivering narratives, back up vox, and is most well known for his endless array of sweet dance moves. Dillon and Casey are from two of Tallahassee's most musical families and have known each other since they were toddlers crawling around local bars while Casey's father and Dillon's uncle rocked stages. Jeff on the other hand, is local dance royalty, his mother founded Tallahassee's most prominent dance studio and it is there that Jeff and Big E first crossed paths. Big E may be Sharon Davis School of Dance's most celebrated alumni. He studied modern dance at the Julliard Academy in New York where he completed his doctorate degree in 2000. After a triumphant run as a choreographer with Cirque du Soleil, Big E returned home to Tallahassee with the intention of merging his love of dance with his love of live music and performance. Big E and Jeff rekindled their friendship and teamed with Casey and Dillon to form the Catfish Alliance. Catfish Alliance did provide the forum for dance which Big E imagined when he formed the group and realized his vision of a live musical act which encapsulated all of the elements needed to inspire his dance to new heights. The ensemble played to adoring crowds throughout Florida for several years, yet some crucial element was still missing. In early 2009, local legend Scott Campbell joined the group on lead guitar. His presence brought a more psychedelic element to the group along with killer slidework. This addition elevated Catfish Alliance musically and inspired even more provocative forms of interpretive dance from Big E.


Boneheads and Butterflies

Written By: Catfish Alliance

Springtime comes and the fuzz cracks down
Kicking down doors all over town
Taking heads down to the station
Roll over mama got some charges your facing
Good times gone hard times to come
Cooperate or we’ll lock you up
Forget about your gateway drugs
We’re talking cocaine, cocaine and drugs

Memories clear as yesterday then they fade
Contempt for cops, they done her wrong
It’s so strong they hope it fades
Man it ain’t gonna fade

These old roads and hundred year oaks
The things they’ve seen if they only spoke
Known and loved ‘em my whole life through
Don’t look quite like they used to
Morbid rides through the countryside
Mad dash to the county line
Things went south went south so fast
Three lives gone left in the past
Memories. . .

Everyone with an ear to the ground
Caught wind of the shit blowing around
Long before it hit the fan
Bonehead cops with their bonehead plans
Sending kids off to slaughter
Talking bout peoples sons and daughters
Never mind you’re gateway drugs
We’re talking cocaine, cocaine and drugs
Memories. . .

Demons In My Head

Written By: Casey Rychlik

Today didn’t want to get out of bed today
It’s a Wednesday morning
And the demons inside of my head
Got a hold of me last night
Got a hold of me last night
It’s a Tuesday night and I walk into the tavern
For a pint or two
Two turns three and three turns to ten
Oh lord I can’t believe that I’m doing this again
Cold beer tastes so nice when it hits my lips
Getting better with every sip
Last call comes I know I’m ruined
Tomorrow’s gonna be here way too soon

Today . . . .
Open my eyes sore and blood shot
My mouth is dry like cotton
Stomach churning I’ve got gut rot
Sweating beads not feeling too hot
The lights are on my clothes are too
Works gonna be a bitch to get through
My wallet is empty my pockets are too
A hangovers all I’ve got to show for my loot
Today didn’t want to get out of bed today . ..
It’s a Wednesday morning and the demons inside of my head


Written By: Casey Rychlik

Yeah you’re busted your balls for some ingrate boss
Whose steady up in your grill like a piece of dental floss
Ranting and raving about his workers misbehaving
Then he jets off to vacation while you stay home slaving
He’s always stressing he’s always stressing that
Ain’t never stressing that his paycheck’s so fat
Or that you’re working too hard doing four people’s jobs
He’s sweating his stroke yeah he’s off stressing golf
Slave driver break me off a piece
Of your pie cause my slice ain’t looking to sweet
Slave driver break me off a piece
Of your pie cause my slice ain’t looking to sweet

He’s getting his man you need to get yours
Cause your underpaid and you’re overworked
Yo he’s got mad loot and cash to boot
But he’s so tightfisted that his knuckles are blue
His pockets are full and his belly is too
You survive off of him and he banks off of you
There’s plenty for all it could be so nice
If we did our fair share and we got our fair slice
But greed and conceit have a nasty effect
They turn this world into a breakneck place
This is the way of the slave drivers
They earn their free time by stealing yours
Slave driver break me off a piece . . . .

Bath Fountain

Written By: Casey Rychlik

That girl from bath fountain I never will forget
Will you bring your mom to meet me
When you’re back my way again
Her sweet caress and tender touch
Soothe my weary back
Caring for me in fiction
Caring for my bread in fact
My bread roll’s her fruit, yes indeed
That temptress vampire made my ailing pocket bleed

Her healing water boiling hot sealed our hopeless fate
Adoration and attraction melted into hate
She was one part a mystic and ten parts a thief
She’s gone for good a world away
But there’s always more of me
My bread roll’s her fruit, yes indeed
That temptress vampire made my ailing pocket bleed

Pat Brown

Written By: Casey Rychlik

Raised in the armpit of Florida
Right near the Alabama border
Deep deep south in a dark dark time
Run by a bunch of hillbilly swine
Pat Brown was a long haired kid
Loved rock and roll and partying
Good old boys didn’t like his kind
Pat got caught wrong place wrong time

Angry bitter I would be too
They stole his freedom and they stole his youth

Set up in a sting a couple grams of hash
Talking joints not pounds but the pigs had his ass
They were going to make an example of him
Just a kid among men locked in Stark state pen
Old fashioned old south old traditions unjust
Backwoods courts with some redneck judge
Three years of hard time in the school of hard knocks
Came out a hardened man hard as a rock
Angry bitter . ..

Lady luck never did treat him too nice
But he made an honest living and he managed to get by
On the strength of his hands on the strength of his back
The man tried to break him but Pat didn’t crack
Stayed true to his passions the things that he loved
Sailing laying brick playing music with his son
Just one month before he died
Rocking out at a festival like he was in his prime
Pat Brown was all over the place
For three days he had a smile planted on his face
Can’t get back lost time
But I think that weekend brought Pat some piece of mind
Angry bitter I would be too. . . .


Written By: Casey Rychlik

Pump my fist with all I’ve got
I can be the only one or not
My energy is so contagious
The way it fills the room is freaking outrageous
C’mon . . . .
No matter what’s happening I’ll do my thing
If you’re in you’re out it don’t mean a nothing
Good friends on board yeah they’re always nice
But me and just me will always suffice
I love to party and I love to get away
And I damn sure love every one of my days
I’m as diverse as a cracker can get
Others opinions man I couldn’t give a shit
C’mon . . . .

Where I don’t belong is where I love to go
Steadily expanding my comfort zone
It might seem dumb to me it’s a thrill
I climb mountains others struggle with hills
From the everglades up to the north woods
I’ve tackled every challenge that I could
From the Okeefenokee to the heart of Compton
El rojo grande ain’t ever stopping
Decrepit ghettoes and canyon walls
Festival grounds and waterfalls
Soul food joints Crim testing our luck
Ain’t nothing can touch the world cup
Top 100 kraftwerk Dylan
Banging shuttlecock in fierce games of mitton
Saturdays watching college football
I made the most of it all
Now c’mon . . .


Lawnmowers and Empty Gas Cans LP slated for release in May 2010. Recorded at Log Cabin Studios in Tallahassee.

Set List

Our catalog consists of approximately 25 original songs and a diverse array of cover songs.
Originals . . . .
Boneheads and Butterflies
Lawnmowers, Empty Gas Cans
Disco, Coke...
Chickenhead Blues
Just Another Night
Primal Groove
Girl From Bath Fountain
Coast to Coast
Demons in My Head
Belly of the Beast
Pat Brown
Kindhearted Advances
No Fish
Beat Down
Ripe for Pickin
Tates Hell

Covers . . .
Atlantic City – The Band/Bruce Springsteen
Blind Willie McTell – Bob Dylan/The Band
Visions of Johanna - Bob Dylan
Mighty Quinn – Bob Dylan/Mannfred Mann
I Am the Walrus – The Beatles
Helter Skelter – The Beatles
Fearless – Pink Floyd
Childhood's End – Pink Floyd
Free Four – Pink Floyd
Satin In A Coffin – Modest Mouse
Float On – Modest Mouse
Midnight Lamp – Jimi Hendrix
Cyanide Girl - Beck
Rhymin and Stealing – Beastie Boys
Sabotage – Beastie Boys
Whatcha Want – Beastie Boys
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
Kids Don’t