Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson

 Potomac, Maryland, USA

Catherine straddles the line between pop princess and hard rocker with fuzzy guitars, glistening synth solos, and in-your-face lyrics.


Catherine Anderson can’t remember when she learned her first chords on guitar. She can’t remember when she wrote her first song. Nor can she remember when she was taught to record in her home studio. Fortunately, this memory lapse serves as a summation of the music she has created over the years. It is music that surpasses unstoppable time, songs that remain as relevant today as they were when first written, whether that be in the 7th grade or in the final stretches of high school. These glossy pop-rock inspired songs take staple chord progressions and give them new meaning, with honest and sassy lyrics to match.

In 2010 Catherine jump-started her music career, releasing her first LP, Fashion Accessories Won’t Save You. Released under her own record label, Fashion Accessories was entirely produced, recorded, and performed by Catherine in her home studio in Maryland.

The songs on this album don’t take the standard, quiet and sensitive form that most “singer-songwriters” tend to assume. Instead, they feature Catherine on a variety of instruments, creating the illusion of a full band, while the lyrics take on intellectually charged opinions surrounding everything from love to the material world.

Now studying Music Technology at NYU, Catherine has dedicated herself to the pursuit of music. She lives in the heart of Greenwich Village, writing songs and studying what she loves. Catherine participates in Open Mics around the city and has played with artists like Evan Vogel, The Diesel Pigeons, and Ever Since Beginnings in her hometown of Potomac, MD. You can find her CD on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and many other digital music stores.


Fashion Accessories Won't Save You (2010) - LP

Track 1 - Lifeguard - Won 12th spot on New Century's 2011 Heat-Seeker Tracks

Track 6 - Want You - Radio Play on Syracuse University's Radio Station

Set List

Acoustic Set:

White Noise (Original)
Silent Girls (Original w/ Lady Gaga/Ke$ha Mash-up)
The End Has No End (Strokes Cover)
Send Me To Bed (Original)
Lipstick (Original)
The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones Cover)
Want You (Original)
Game (Original)
Lifeguard (Original)
Cry Me A River (Jazz Standard)
Morning (Original)