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Catherine Bacque

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It's hard to categorize Catherine's music. She writes and sings up-tempo rock, country-tinged tunes and soaring pop ballads about love, loss, life, and how hope springs eternal. Then again, who wants to pigeonhole? In a one song-at-a-time world, you can listen to what you like!


“I think that what I have going for me is that I’m a cultural sponge,” says Catherine, referring to her experiences in music, teaching and life in general. “I am constantly surprised and flattered by how much my students like my music, given the iTunes universe we live in. Working with young people keeps me in touch with what they are interested in and listening to, and I’m always finding new music that I love. CBC Radio is great, especially for discovering Canadian artists.”

Catherine’s own playlists run the gamut from Nora Jones, Dala, Dan Mangan and Dallas Green to Crowded House, Tragically Hip, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Kathleen Edwards. Her own songs draw from personal experience which is universal: love, loss, life’s hard lessons. Idealism and skepticism play tug of war in “I Did, I Will, I Do” and “Say That You Want Me”, upbeat love songs of ‘goodbye’ and ‘hello’ respectively. “You’re Still Mine” is an anthem of unconditional love, and “With You” and “Fly” struggle with the need to be yourself and chase your dreams.

On Letting Go, Catherine was joined by renowned Quebecois bassist Alain Caron on “Fly”, and guitar guru Tim Bovaconti on several tracks. She is currently working with Johnny Johnson (saxophone) and Devrim Eldelekli (guitar) on her new recording. Catherine is loving the experience. “Get the best people you can and stay out of their way, because you never know what magic will happen to your songs.”

For the new album, Catherine has been writing “just outside my comfort zone,” she laughs, inspired by a short film script, the lives of teenaged girls, and “our rapacious consumer society.” “Message to You”, a bonus track included in the new mix of Letting Go, featuring Johnny Johnson on soprano sax, is a co-write with producer Alan Hardiman, written for a film by James Cooper currently in pre-production.

“Co-writing is new for me, and I am excited by the challenges and rewards of getting creative with other artists—players, songwriters, producers and filmmakers.” Fans can expect a new CD release in 2011, including some surprises. “There’s some pretty heavy rock guitar on a couple of the tracks, and a string section on a pop ballad, so I’m branching out. My ears are definitely bigger now. We’re also looking at a full-on bluegrass treatment for one track, so hang on to your cowboy hats!”

Catherine is looking forward to a busy summer playing and recording, and as always, writing new songs. “I never know where the next song will take me, and that’s what keeps it fresh.”


I Did, I Will, and I Do

Written By: Catherine Bacque

I know I’m playing with the hand of fate
And what I say will be too little too late
After all the heartache and the pain
Before you go I’ve got some things to say

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?

Well I did and I do I will always love you
Every day of my life I will always be true
Then and now, now and then
And tomorrow too
I did, I will, and I do

I won’t pretend that things are black or white
There is no simple way to make it right
Still I keep wishing you were here at night
In spite of all the silence and the fights

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?


I don’t want to be a saint and make every hurt all better
And I can’t be superwoman just to keep it all together
I can’t change what’s done and over
Baby I don’t want to know her name

There is a time to stay and time to go
My head is fast but my heart changes slow
Most of all I had to let you know
There’s no regret, it’s just a letting go

Did I fall in love that day?
Do I wish that you would stay?
And will I still feel that way?
Or do I have the strength to make my own way?


I Did, I Will, I Do copyright 2009 by Catherine Bacque (SOCAN)


Written By: Catherine Bacque

You say you sometimes long for another place
When all you need is right here
I hold you close to me in the falling dark
And close my eyes against the tears
I say I hope you find what you’re looking for
But what I hope you find is me
And I can’t deny when I turn away
I’m not as strong as I pretend to be

Oh oh oh
I want to laugh
I want to cry
I want to play and dance and sing
I want to fly

I truly hope you find what you’re looking for
Still what I hope you find is me
But there’s no denying when I go away
I’m not as strong as I pretend to be

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
I’m gonna laugh
I’m gonna cry
I’m gonna play and dance and sing
I’m gonna fly

Fly copyright 2009 by Catherine Bacque (SOCAN)


Written By: Catherine Bacque

The ghosts are out tonight
Underneath your bed
Tremors in the darkness
A hurricane in your head
Put on your armour
Every day like hammered steel

I stand and watch the storm on your horizon
I stand I hear the rolling of your sea
I wait to feel your thunder and your lightning
I stand while you wash over me

The air tastes like snow
You put the coffee on and light a cigarette
Brush away the shadows
The things you can’t forget
Looking out the window
Your wounds are slow to heal

I stand and watch the storm on your horizon
I stand I hear the rolling of your sea
I wait to feel your thunder and your lightning
I stand while you wash over me

The ghosts are out tonight

© Catherine Bacque (SOCAN)


CD EP Letting Go, released fall 2009. Tracks can be downloaded at iTunes & CD Baby.
The EP features virtuoso bassist Alain Caron, pianist Jack Gelbloom, drummer Doug Cotton, guitarist Tim Bovaconti and multi-instrumentalist Alan Hardiman.
Catherine is in the studio preparing to release another CD in 2011. She is also working on a short film project.
For more information, visit

Set List

Original Songs include: Stand, I Did I Will I Do, Fly, With You, Say That You Want Me, Gone, You're Still Mine, Emily, When I Found You, Blacktop Down, Just Because, First Mistake, Soar Away, Dangerous Eyes, Long Distance Blues, Stand, Love Me, What Makes Me Call, When You Kiss Me

Covers Include: Building A Mystery, Angel (Sarah McLachlan), Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow), Big Yellow Taxi, Raised On Robbery (Joni Mitchell), Masquerade (Leon Russell), Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline).

2 sets of 40- 60 minutes each