Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis

 Austin, Texas, USA

Using only the piano Catherine Davis tells a detailed narrative with in her songs. Finally an original pianist that doesn't sound like another Phillip Glass, but a unique instrumental with a great pop sensibility.


Catherine Davis has been a working musician in Austin TX since 2000 starting with a band called Zykos. In Zykos, she was an key member being one of the main song writers. Featured in Spin magazine. During her time in Zykos she was asked to work on a project with beloved Austin artists Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler on their piece called House with Pool. This started her venture in wanting to further her love of creating music with just herself and the piano. As a classically trained pianist, she is heavily influenced by many composers as well as rock and pop music.


House With Pool - The Piano Score and Four Additional Selections - EP