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Cat House Dogs

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"It’s unanimous!"

Your band is fantastic. I really like the way your two guitarists weave through each other and switch parts, even mid solo on a few songs. I like the balance of the buttery crunch from the AC30 against the biting clarity of the Deville! I like the Tele to G&L Legend tone pallet you have to play with. I love the stellar presence of your drummer and his “full feel” that completely upstages his tiny kit – that alone is raw genius.

I’m blown away by your middle skills – the ones between filling the floor as a bassist should and packing the nuances with texture and rhythm. You make it look easy – very sweet. Good on you buddy. Also fantastic harmony, bud – very tight.

To top it all off, the spectrum of music you can (and do) tackle with the voice your singer carries with him is quite something. I can’t wait to take Amanda out to see you guys. Tell me when that bar calls you back – likely soon I’d imagine.

Cheers, - Wil

"Jam Like The Grateful Dead"

...the sound was great. There was one point when you were all playing (instrumental part of song) and not singing, when I had the strangest feeling. It occurred to me that the band sounded like the Grateful Dead and I have no idea why I had that impression except for the full texture, I suppose. - Terry


LP Bark : 2005 (independent)
EP Five Licks : 2007 (independent)
LP That Was Now : 2007 (independent)



Originating from Toronto, Canada, The Cat House Dogs play rock n roll performed with a spontaneous punch that has gained them the reputation as one of Toronto's must-see nightclub acts. In a recently aired documentary about the band, Michael McCarty, president of EMI was given the opportunity to preview their album “That was Now”. He responded with definite interest saying;

“When you hear good music it's exciting, and that music is good.”

Each member bringing special talents to the group:

Todd Sharman, the lead vocalist is influenced by artists from every genre, The consummate entertainer, Todd grew up in western Toronto. He learned to play classical guitar along with a healthy dose of Marshall amps and Gibson guitars. His honest no bones approach to singing and song writing make him the epicentre of the bands grass roots reputation.

Almost like brothers, guitarists Stephen Ruppert and Mark Higginbottom grew up together in Windsor, Ontario. They both migrated to Toronto at a young age to study and live as musicians. Stephen and Mark are very gifted and inspired guitarists and song writers who also share a passion for recording. Mark is an amazing lyricist responsible for many of the core ingredients to the bands message. Stephen plies his talents as a producer and engineer to the group which
places him at the core of the bands sound.

Bassist Paul Whiteside grew up in Mississauga, Ontario playing music in local groups from a young age. He has a gifted ear for tone and pitch which allows him to consistently pick notes out of the air generated by virtually any source. Paul is the backbone of the bands vocal harmonies and brings tremendous depth and dimension to the sound.

Drummer Randy James grew up in Burlington, Ontario. He is a very spirited performer which led one fan to say that he is “the drummer’s Angus Young.”. He started at the tender age of ten as a member of the Teen Tour Band where he learned his chops.