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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Got girls? Hoo Boy do you need Cathy Heller"

Hearing an eight-year-old belt out a song about romantic love, or a six-year-old mournfully sing about the end of high school is a bit unsettling. Fortunately, I have found Cathy Heller, whose debut CD, Say Hello to the Sun, gives my kids the type of melodic, dance-around-the-room pop music they find irresistible, with parent-approved lyrics for kids too young to even think about dating.

It's Up to Me kicks off the CD with upbeat pop that reminds me of the peppy positivity of Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine mixed with a Go-Gos beat. Supergirl is a great anthem for little girls with lyrics like, Why don't you just stay Clark Kent, I'll take care of the happy ending. And Cathy's strong, clear voice on both the faster pop songs and the softer ballads kicks the butt of some of the more commercialized, digitally-enhanced voices out there.

Perhaps the best proof that Say Hello to the Sun resonates with my kids is that they have already played it enough to be able to belt out the lyrics along with Cathy. Thank goodness they can relate to her message-- since I don't plan to let them experience dating first hand until they are 25.-Christina - Cool Mom picks

"Beating the music experts at their own game"

Say Hello to the Sun is one of the best pop music CDs of 2008 for kids, tweens, teens, and adults!

The Artist

Cathy Heller has written songs for Kodak, Champion Sportswear, and films like Legally Blonde, and is currently in development of her own TV show with The Jim Henson Company. In the meantime she made an album for kids that reflects her sunny, positive personality and the theories learned at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center. For more insight into Heller's outlook on life, check out her list of "10 Things I Do to Enjoy Every Day" at the end of the review.
The Music

Working with producers like Matthew Puckett, Eve Nelson, and Richard Furch, Heller creates songs that hit a midpoint between Radio Disney and Fountains of Wayne, with fuzzy power chords, touches of electronica, and super catchy choruses. In fact, tracks like "It's Up to Me," "Room to Breathe," "Supergirl," "Make a Wish," and "Green World" are ready-made for pop radio.

But Say Hello to the Sun isn't pretty, vacant pop: "It's Up to Me," "Supergirl," and "Truth" are anthems of self-reliance and self-determination; "Room to Breathe," "Coming Home," and the title track encourage the listener to slow down and enjoy living in the now; while "Make a Wish" and "Green World" maintain that the future lies in the hands of each individual.

Heller rounds out the album with the lyrically and musically awesome chorus of "Truth," the breezy "Suitcase of Daydreams" and "Summerfree," and the sweet acoustic tune "You are My Friend." And, look out, the Carole King-inspired piano pop of "Rose Colored Glasses" out-High-School-Musical-s High School Musical!

The Verdict

There's a definite trend here, with lines like "We can change the world," "One little change, it takes a lot of hands," and "We've the power to change it all." From Cathy Heller's point of view, there's no "look what the world's done to me" attitude allowed!

And unlike most Billboard-charting tween tunes that emphasize self-worth without acknowledging the value or existence of, well, anyone else in the world, Say Hello to the Sun celebrates the self while also emphasizing the importance of friends and family, empathy for others, and the earth itself. A solid pop CD for kids and a great alternative to current popular tween music.

Released August 26, 2008; Canopy Tree Records

Cathy Heller's "10 Things I Do to Enjoy Every Day"

Wake up and take a moment to be grateful for being given another day
Spend some time outside (sit under a canopy tree or take a walk)
Do something for someone else
Picture what I want and see it happening
Write a song about something I just learned that can inspire others
Remember to breathe
Connect with my close friends and family
Read an inspiring book or take a class
Connect to the bigger picture and know it's all good all the time
Listen to my inner voice
- Warren Truit- About kids music

"Kids on kids Music: Cathy Heller"

I first got to know Cathy Heller in 2007, when she participated in that year's ASCAP Foundation Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop. She immediately captivated me with her unfailing exuberance and sunny outlook on life. Even Cathy's brilliant shock of red hair seemed to announce "Here I am, world! Life is good!" Cathy's music preserves the same sense of genuine joy as Cathy does herself. If the birds, balloons and ferris wheels on the artwork for her new album Turn the Sunshine On don't make it clear enough, her ebullient pop songs like "Happy Song," "We Can't Stop the Love" and "Beautiful People" sing it loud: Cathy Heller's got a message of positivity that she wants spread to anyone and everyone willing to listen. These joyous songs are co-written (and co-sung) by Kyler England of The Rescues or singer/songwriter Yael Meyer (both proud ASCAP members), and the colorful sonic palette comes courtesy of producer Matthew Puckett, another Lester Sill Workshop alum. You may recognize a couple of them from recent ABC, NBC and American Airlines promo spots, and you'll get even more familiar with Cathy's music when she debuts her new TV show, currently in development with The Jim Henson Company. I just got word that another Cathy co-write will be the theme song to The Troop, on Nickelodeon.

Since Turn the Sunshine On makes me feel like a kid again, I thought we'd ask an actual kid her opinion of the album. And thus, I present to you the critical stylings of Adeline, the seven-year-old daughter of one of our senior membership executives. Take it away, Adeline!


Which song was your favorite, and what did you like about it?  

My favorite is the first one ("Turn The Sunshine On"). I liked it because it was about sunny days.

How does this album make you feel?  

Mostly happy.

What do you think of the lady that's singing the songs? 

I think she sings pretty. I like her voice.

Is this music just for kids, or do you think mommy and daddy would like it too?  

I think my parents would like it too but it's best for girls.

What do you think would be the best thing to do while you're listening to this album: somersault, cartwheel, dance, or eat macaroni and cheese? 

- ASCAP. Com

"Turn the Sunshine On- Cathy Heller"

 Cathy Heller may not be a familiar name to you, but she will be. In addition to having songs you may hear on major television networks, she has a gorgeous new CD out for families which feature upbeat tunes for dancing or dreaming. Heller’s voice reminds me of Natalie Merchant, but has a unique and memorable style of its own. If you could package up a ray of sunshine for a friend, it would be this little gem of a CD.  - Kiwi Magazine


Say Hello to the Sun- 2008
Turn the Sunshine On- 2010



Cathy Heller: When Happy met Pop

She’s bringing a breath of fresh air to kids music. Her recent NBC promo song for the Office, 30 Rock and SNL, “Turn the Sunshine On”, is a perfect display of Cathy’s sun kissed message and huge talent.

Cathy has an uncanny ability to make an instant connection with kids and their parents with her warmth and sincerity. Her music has great melodies and is more akin to pop music for kids then kiddie music. She writes memorable hooks and lyrics with a heartfelt message that stick with fans long after the show is over.

Cathy started as a teacher and was later trained in mindfulness practices for kids and families. She has a way of incorporating these tools and ideas into her show, which help kids develop greater awareness of what's happening within and around them. This interactive element of the show, helps them learn to self soothe and experience more joy, calm and greater well being.

Having just written the theme song for a show on Nickelodeon, as well as songs for NBC, American Airlines, Kodak, Champion Sportswear, ABC, etc, Cathy is making a big splash and even the cynics are smiling. Cathy is currently working on her very own TV show with The Jim Henson Company. Exciting things lie ahead for this talented girl next door. She will be leading the way to beautiful melodies, uplifting messages and full hearts for years to come.    

Her genuine presence and charming personality will truly inspire your audience and provide the type of inspiration that so many are seeking today.