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Cathy Korpi

Barrie, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Barrie, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Country Classic Rock




"What the press has to say........."

The quality of the lyrics, sound and the sweet, but strong voice of Korpi had me hooked on
her music right away.”

“…fans of country music should be pleased with Korpi’s offering – mostly full bodied tunes that follow essential country formulas that t the same time retain her artistic stamp.”

“She's Ontarian and she's got it. Expertly produced by Vancouver's Tony Rudner, this stacks up with anything out of Nashville. In fact, the worst song, "Drive," is a Gretchen Wilson tune.
The rest are all-Canadian and she sings the stink out of them. Wow. B+”

“...strong vocals and an ability to bring genuine emotions to each lyric...Korpi’s collection of tracks is certainly one to make country fans sit up and take notice...”

"Cathy is a great emerging artist and it's fantastic to have someone with that kind of
talent in our own backyard!"
Ted Roop /KICX 104.

“Korpi is a strong vocalist and deserves to have her music heard”.
Larry Delaney /Country Music

“Atlantic Seabreeze foresees that Cathy will be Canada's next major Country Music superstar.”?ATLANTIC SEABREEZE

“When I first heard Cathy I knew she was a talented singer.  It was great to be able
to help her realize her dream.”?Martina McBride
- Various Media Publications

"Book Cathy Korpi today – she will make your event fabulous!"

January 7, 2010

To whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter to support Cathy Korpi and to let anyone interested in knowing about our experiences with her and her band.

In 2009 we held our 19th annual Milverton Rodeo and took a chance on a new musical entertainer, by the name of Cathy Korpi, for our Friday Night Family Night Dance. A few of us locally had heard Cathy sing at the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Annual Convention in February 2008 and had enjoyed the15 minutes that she performed for the crowd of over 1,200. Therefore, we decided to book her for our local Rodeo and Cathy and her band play for a 90 minute action-packed set and it was a stellar night. We had over 400 people attend this all-ages event and it was a very successful. Cathy was an instant hit with the crowd and she was down dancing and SINGING on the dance floor with the children in no time flat. We have many great photos and many good memories of our new Friday Night Family Night at the Rodeo and Cathy had a HUGE part of it!

We enjoyed her music and our business dealings with her so much that we are having Cathy and her band back to play in Milverton for our “Evening to Celebrate International Women’s Day” in March 2010 to entertain another 300 of us! Don’t delay, book Cathy Korpi today – she will make your event fabulous!


Helen Dowd
Events Coordinator
Milverton Rodeo - Helen Dowd, Milverton Dodge Rodeo

"I highly recommend Cathy Korpi"

February 14, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cathy Korpi for several years now and have seen her perform in many different sized events. From the first time I heard her sing I knew she had talent. Her recordings clearly showcase her vocal ability, but seeing her perform live is what clearly sets her apart from the many who just know how to sing.

Being in radio for over 35 years I’ve been involved in many community events where talent has been hired to perform and I’ve experienced the very good and the not so good. This letter is to draw your attention to Cathy Korpi, a performer who is not only a very good singer, but one of the best when it comes to understanding her audience and how to please those who have come to be entertained.

From singing our national anthem solo over a sound track to performing with her full band for a concert, Cathy treats every event like it is the most important thing to take place in her career and more importantly, like it’s the most important event the audience is attending.

Every time I see Cathy perform she moves her show to a new level of excitement. I know it’s an old cliché, but she rocks. I believe that there are many struggling performers who could learn a great deal about appealing to an audience, if they just watch what Cathy does in a live show.

Most recently Cathy and her great band performed to about 5,000 people for our KICX 106 country day at Kempenfest in Barrie and she had our listeners energized from the first note. For me it’s comforting to know that when Cathy is part of the line-up, it will be one part of the show I don’t have to worry about.

I highly recommend Cathy Korpi and the very talented musicians in her band for your next event. You won’t be disappointed.
- Jack Latimer, KICK 105.9


Ferris Wheel (available on itunes)
1. Only A Fool
2. Ferris Wheel
3. No Lack of Love
4. Someone's Leaving
5. Drive
6. From There To Here
7. It All Comes Back
8. Postcard (Martina McBride produced)
9. Causin A Commotion
10. The View From Here

Between Now & Forever
1. Long Way To fall
2. Between Now & Forever
3. Find Me
4. Close Enough To You
5. Take Me There
6. Go On & Go
7. Saying Hello To An Old Friend
8. I Give My Heart
9. Feel
10. Love Me

This SIde Of Your Kiss

1. Angels Leaving Home
2. From This Side of Your Kiss
3. Heaven & Earth
4. All Of My Life
5. I'll Live To Love Again
6. Some Kind Of Fool
7. Do You Wanna Make Something Of It
8. Bigger Than The Both Of Us
9. I Don't Like You Very Much
10. You Better Do Better

Christmas Duet With Jason McCoy:
Baby It's Cold Outside

Christmas Single
Man With The Bag

O'Canada - custom arrangement and production - hear it at

Star Spangled Banner - custom arrangement and prduction- hear it at

There have been several singles from Between Now & Forever and Ferris Wheel, that released to radio garnering National radio Airplay.

Baby It's Cold Outside and Man With The Bag get airplay across Canada during the holiday season.



What they have to say about Cathy...........

“Cathy’s voice is truly stellar…this is the best country indie CD I’ve heard. Ever…it typifies all that good country music is nowadays.” Wainright Edge

“She’s Ontarian and she’s got it…..this stacks up with anything out of Nashville…she sings the stink out of them. Wow!” Vancouver Province

“When I first heard Cathy I knew she was a talented singer. It was great to be able to
help her realize her dream.” Martina McBride

Canada is a vast resource of incredibly talented entertainers! One of those entertainers/artists is Cathy Korpi.

Cathy is no stranger to performing, having spent most of her life on stage. Her love of singing started early, singing in school and church choirs. Her vocal range was evident early on when in grade school Cathy was singing Soprano in the choir and Tenor in a triple trio group.

Cathy won several significant country singing contests when she first started out giving her the confidence to pursue her dream. Her fledgling career started out on the road with Gordy Tapp of Hee Haw fame, singing in his live “variety” type show.

She continued to hone her live performance skills singing at private corporate events across Canada and the United States. She has wowed crowds of every size, from 200 to a staggering 80,000 in the Atlanta Dome. Performing live has always been Cathy’s favorite part of the music business but you may have heard some of Cathy’s songs on your local country radio station as she enjoys success at Canadian radio with airplay across Canada.

Cathy’s live show is a ball of energy and great music. Her band of talented and seasoned musicians play a variety of instruments including banjo, steel guitar and piano, along with the tradition bass, lead and drums. Several of them also sing to round out the show. They can do a “set” or a whole night and the music can range from current country, country rock, classic country, (even some classic rock), although Country is Cathy’s genre and is where her heart is. They perform popular cover songs as well as originals and the type of show is based on audience they perform for.

Cathy was the main National Anthem singer at Barrie Colts games in Barrie Ontario (OHL), as well as occasionally for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club and the Barrie Baycats Baseball Club. She is very proud of being Canadian and as a result of the number of sporting and private corporate events she has sung both the Canadian and the American anthems at, she recorded a special version of each anthem, with the arrangements custom made for her by award winning composer Nathan DiGesare out of Nashville. They will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

Cathy’s CD, “Ferris Wheel”, is got rave reviews, some of which you read above! Included on this CD is a song called “Postcard”. Martina McBride produced it and sang background vocals on it. The other 9 songs on the new CD were recorded with award winning Canadian producer Tony Rudner at Harbourside Studios in B.C. It includes some mainstream country songs and some that are a little more traditionally flavored. From the life lessons of “The View From Here” to the heartbreak of “Someone’s Leaving” this CD speaks to the core of the country music fan! “I’ve never recorded anything that I am embarrassed or ashamed about” Cathy says, but “I am more excited and proud of this CD than I have ever been of anything”. Cathy is currently working on material for a new CD, which she hopes to start recording later this year.

Cathy also sang an incredible duet with Jason McCoy that went out quite successfully to Canadian radio. It was a remake of the old standard Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. It was met with rave reviews.

Cathy is heavily involved in charity events and her closest passion is the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. Every year Cathy Fundraises to participate in a ladies only snow mobile run that sees hundreds of ladies take the trails and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised. Each snow run participant must raise a minimum of $1250.00 to take part. The reason why this foundation is so close to Cathy’s heart is because the money is available to the women or men who are in the fight of their life against breast cancer and have a financial need that they can’t meet. Cathy has personally been involved in raising over $35,000.00 for this charity over the past 4 years. She has organized 2 charity gala’s and a charity concert where she co-headlined, bringing together some of Canada’s top musicians and singers for an evening of incredible music and great friends. She also put on a small ladies event that raised $1000.00 on that day alone. In addition, Cathy has hand sewn/decorated 3 very special & spectacular bra’s in swarovski crystal to help raise money. A second charity concert is being planned for this year with a goal of raising $10,000.00.

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