Cathy Lee

Cathy Lee

 Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA

kinda Americana/ Folkish singer/songwriter who wishes she HAD a BAND!! (and pens that don't run out of ink! :)

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Heaven Lightning Fire

Written By: Cathy Lee

Heaven Lightning Fire by Cathy Lee

Playin on the ivory till the wee hours of the morning

Hotel lobby, we were writing lines

Oh boy, what a pair we thought we were, the bar room flyers sauntered in

Said “One more time!”

So we took that chorus we just finished and we sang it one more time for

Everyone standing in the bar room then before you know it everyone was chimin in:

Oh I got heaven in my pocket, I got lightening in my soul

I Got a little fire startin in my heart, I got you right here to hold me all

night long Got my prayer and I’ve got my song

Heaven lightning fire burning with desire Heaven lightning fire I’m burning

with desire To hold on

Next time that I saw you at the Riverbank the night was cool

You told me all about the stars

Climbing up the hill you turned and you took my hand to help me

Had to whisper to myself “Be still my heart!”

Strong and steady pulling me until we reached the top of the hill where you

held me close and the rest you can guess, all the while that silly refrain

going through my head:


Dusty days they settle each one passing through my life and then they’re gone

Oh yes, they’re gone.

I’ve had a few, maybe one or two special ones come through who absolutely led my heart to fawn

Never in my wildest dreams or my imagination did I think that you could come

along and take me to that special place again, come on sing it with me one more time

Chorus End with “To hold on, I wanna hold on to you”

Complicated Waltz

Written By: Cathy Lee

The Complicated Waltz

Walking in together He was dressed in leather

She wore her finest silk blouse wrapped real tight

The bar was over crowded Music playing loudly

Simple Conversation Keep it light

He said I don’t have a woman And I don’t have a wife

That’s one less complication in my life

Hey, I’d like to dance do you think you might? Hey, I’d like to dance do
you think you might?

Headed for the dance floor She felt herself wanting more

“Into the Mystic” Playing by the band

When the song had ended He twirled her then he bent

Down on one knee and he gently kissed her hand

She said I don’t have a husband And I don’t have a man

One less complication from where I stand

Hey would you like to dance again? Hey would you like to dance again

Instrumental for one verse then bridge: As they danced into the night Everything about it felt so right

Over three hours later Walking out together

His leather coat was wrapped around her arms

Outside he turned to her to kiss her

She lifted up his shades to see his eyes

Under the streetlight near the bar

He said I don’t have a woman And I don’t have a wife
One less complication in my life
Hey would you like to take a ride? Hey would you like to take a ride

She said I don’t have a husband And I don’t have a man
One less complication from where I stand
Hey would you like to take my hand As they walked into the night he took her hand.

Come and Get Me

Written By: Cath Lee

Come and Get Me Cathy Lee
You and me Baby Oh what a pair How we could let that light shine
It took us forever to get to the point of you calling me yours and you mine
Why did I walk out that door boy Why did we get in this fight
Well it’s too late to turn back the clock now But somehow it just don’t feel right

Here I am Baby won’t you come and get me I feel so cold and lonely when it rains
Angry words were spoken, Stubborn hearts got broken
But I think we can learn to love again
Come and get me Baby Come take me out yonder
Show me all your sweet lovin ways
You are still my Baby and I am still your Lady
Don’t let no other lover take my place

Now I heard from your Mama You moved up to Nashville
Try your luck in the bars
Well I have no doubt with your sweet crooning fiddle, Baby
Someone’s bound to make you a star
But as you leave your gig in the evening
And settle for the night in your bed
I’m hopin that your thoughts will include me
And dreams of me dance in your head

Chorus Instrumental Jam with one verse and one chorus

Just when I thought that I’d run out of chances and you had given right up on me
Well that sweet low sound of your voice makes me tremble
And as I look up I can see
The shadow of your frame in the doorway The light hit your face as you near
Pounding at the thought of your embrace Man, I’m so glad that you’re here.

Chorus end