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"Music That Matters PA Project Cathy Stewart/co producer"

Our mission is to use the power of music and video to promote adoption and foster care awareness. Through radio and media outlets, a voice will be given to the urgent pleas of the children “living in a file”.

Teaming with high-profile recording artists, athletes, and television personalities, we will support and highlight the many great foundations and organizations which unite in this cause and provide recruitment tools for strong outreach.

Now you, too, are invited to be a part of “MUSIC THAT MATTERS”

Project 50 Files is an upcoming CD/DVD musical compilation aiming to eliminate the classification of being “files” from children in need of adoption, by reminding the world that they are much more than a simple manila folder tucked in a drawer—they are unique, loving children longing for a home. The title song on “50 Files” is a beautiful ballad which personifies the importance of this mission by having one child from each state serve as a representative for the cause. The compilation album will feature songs from many of your favorite artists who have been touched by foster care/adoption or have played a role in its advocacy. Participants so far include Dolly Parton, LeeAnn Womack, Ansel Brown, Mark McGuinn, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michelle Wright, Richie McDonald, and Reba McEntire, with additional artists to be added soon.

To complement this celebrity edition, The Melodical Hearts Foundation would also like to extend the opportunity for each state to be represented with a compilation album intertwining its own residential artists with the three star-studded songs “God Bless the Children”, “50 Files”, and “Dare the World” . This will offer these local acts the opportunity to have their music featured on an album with high-profile artists, significantly enhancing their demographic by offering increased exposure and attaching their names to a cause supported by some of country music’s biggest acts.

The “God Bless the Children” Celebrity All-Star Choir:
Jamie Lee Thurston, Trevor Brunton, Tim Brunton, Terry Joe Rodrigues (Desert Heat), Ron Kingery (Hometown News), Kelsey, Scott Whitehead (Hometown News), Lila McCann, Laurelyn Carter, Ray Walker (Jordanaires), Wayne Warner, Louis Nunley (Jordanaires), Elsa Nine (Redd Hot Mamas), Barbie Isham (Texana), Sonja Williams (Redd Hot Mamas), Ken Isham (Texana), Richard Young (Kentucky Headhunters), Memarie Gayle, Brittany Roe, Kevin Sharp, Kalisa Ewing, Taylor Swift, Deborah Allen, Jason Grainger, Mila Mason, Jett Williams, Mark McGuinn, Billy Yates, Jimmy Fortune (Statler Brothers)

Although there is a required contribution per participating artist/band to offset production costs, the benefits of involvement far outweigh this expense. To have your music featured on a CDX distributed to radio stations, you can expect to invest approximately $1,368.00 per track . This does not include mixing or mastering, is not tax deductible, has no societal benefits, and will never be distributed to the general public. In contrast, we are offering options up to 78% less than the average cost of a CDX to have your music featured on a publicly released CD which also includes major artists such as Taylor Swift, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kevin Sharp, Bryan White, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers, and many more.

Furthermore, we wanted to offer you reassurance we are not asking you to “pay” to be on a compilation CD; rather, we are requesting a donation in assisting us with offsetting the production costs incurred in a project we feel would be beneficial both in promoting your music career and in assisting countless children in finding “forever families” in the often misunderstood world of foster care and adoption as well as many matters of the heart. The Melodical Hearts Foundation is a recognized tax-exempt, non-profit organization compliant to 501(c)(3) laws; therefore, all payments made are tax deductible contributions.

In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for any applicable sponsor to make a charitable tax deduction, and we will be happy to include their name(s) along with your artist/band listing.

This unique “INVITATION ONLY” opportunity will allow local artists to use this statewide unity to expand their fan bases, enhance their potential for radio airplay, and receive financial profit from CD sales. It also serves as an excellent promotional tool for booking performances and opportunities for future “in the round” concerts with other participating local acts. Most importantly, it offers a chance to be heard alongside many huge names in country music while helping aid in the awareness of foster care and adoption.

□ Artist/Band name
□ Main contact person
□ Two phone numbers
□ Frequently checked e-mail address
□ Publisher/BMI, ASCAP, SESAC affiliation, if applicable
□ CD containing two original songs (country genre) in WAV format
□ High-resolution JPG image of the artist/band
□ Lyric sheets
□ Brief but descriptive bio
□ Web address, if available, featuring your music (i.e. Myspace, etc)
□ Check or money order for $500.00 made payable to The Melodical Hearts Foundation
□ Self-addressed stamped envelope for tax receipt, if desired

Please Submit these Items to the Following Address:

Music That Matters PA Project
Melodical Hearts Foundations
c/o Cathy Stewart
2011 Nixon Road
West Newton, PA 15089

Melodical Hearts is a 501c3 organization, and all moneys received are tax deductible for your band or sponsors.

The Pennsylvania Chapter of “50 Files” is being produced by:

• Former Atlantic recording artist
• Founder of the Melodical Hearts Foundation
• Producer of two all-star celebrity projects

• Business Owner
• PR/Project Manager with Wayne Warner & B-Venturous Records

• Songwriter
• Performer
• Duquesne University Music School Alumni

For more information, visit
- Music That Matters/Melodical Hearts

"EP 1 Released"

<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="229" BORDER="0" ALT="Cathy Stewart, Originals-EP 1 available NOW!"> - Cathy Stewart

"Touched By Love project"


Touched by Love Music Project Recruiting Local Headliners

1/16/08-West Newton, PA

A chance meeting. A heart touched. A song written. A dream for a little boy to be realized.

When local songwriter Cathy Stewart went to pick up her daughter at a friend’s house, it had an effect that was never quite expected. She met the Boytim family. Lisa, Scott, Matt, Brooke, Nic, and Colton.

That was all it took.

Colton has mastocytosis, a condition that causes his histamine levels to jump off the charts, mast cells to proliferate, and basically makes him allergic to just about everything. A simple raindrop or snowflake landing on him can cause an immediate reaction of nasty itchy lesions on his skin, even exposure to sunshine or rapid temperature changes can cause a potentially life threatening anaphylactic reaction. Colton has to bathe with purified or distilled water…the chemicals in tap water would make his skin look as if you had poured a caustic substance on him.

The entire family has had to make adjustments, getting used to using perfume and dye free products and watching out for things that come into their home that could cause Colton harm. Mom has to plan even simple trips to the grocery store ahead of time so someone can be home with Cole, he isn’t exactly the kid that you can just pack in the car and take off for the local Giant Eagle. His six year old brother Nic, has to be home schooled until he is past all of the normal childhood health issues found at school, any one of which could compromise his little brother’s health severely. Dad has his own business, located across the street from the family home near Madison.

Otherwise, he is a vivacious, active four year old boy, turning five later this month. He loves to run and play, but can’t do it outside. Mom wants him to be able to ride a bike, go swimming, swing on a swing set…all the things we take for granted as regular childhood activity. He needs an environmentally safe area, indoors, to do that. The project has been started, but funds are slow to come in to complete it.

After a few hours at the Boytim home, talking with Lisa, playing some tunes on the guitar, learning more about Colton’s condition, and a good night’s rest, Monday morning brought an urgent and compelling feeling upon Cathy to write a song for Colton. And brainstorm an idea.

“I wrote “Touched By Love” and immediately called Lisa, explained my idea to her, and read her the lyrics. She cried tears of happiness for about ten minutes. Which drove me even harder to get this ball rolling.”

The “ball”, is an “all star” chorus of local music artists to record the song, with all proceeds from sales and royalties going to build Colton’s dream play area, and maybe a few other things to help him be able to get out a little more, like a protective suit. At $2500.00 a piece, for a growing four year old, this could be a daunting task. There are hopes that there will be funds generated to be able to help the national organization also.

Cathy called some local music artists, and e mailed even more, asking them to forward the information to their friends in the music community and jump on board. She also placed a call to a Nashville recording artist friend of hers for some help and advice. His name is Wayne Warner.

Wayne responded with a resounding “Whatever you need me to do!” He has experience with these types of projects, organizing the “God Bless the Children” all star chorus in Nashville for the Dave Thomas Foundation, and working with projects like Melodical Hearts and Major Rising ,with many major Nashville music artists.

It’s all coming together. So far, some of the artists that want to help out include Dallas Marks, Shawn and Hobby, Todd Jones, Lois Scott, Bob “Crafty” Crafton, Tom Breiding, Geo Bennett of NOMaD and Tim Brannon of Steeltown. Responses are still coming in. Her producer, Al Snyder, keyboardist for the Corbin Hanner Band, will help with arranging the music. Wayne will be popping in when recording is ready to be done to help out, also, as well as doing some speakerphone writing and general support sessions. Kevin Stiffler has offered his photographic services. “I need all the help I can get to make this a success,” says Stewart, “I’m not limiting this to country artists, I have e mails in to artists in other genres, it just so happens that the majority of people I know are in the country music community. I‘m gonna need a pretty big studio room to record this, too.”

Also needed are volunteers to set up a website, distribute PR materials, provide supplies and services such as CD burning and packaging, and eventually help to promote the CD. Please contact Cathy via e mail at for more information or to help out.
- Me

"Cathy Stewart and Jigsaw on Wheeleing Jamboree 11/22/08"

Wheeling Jamboree on the air again-Gettin that Wheeling feeling!

I’m very happy to announce that WWVA 1170 AM is once again hosting LIVE Wheeling Jamboree shows on Saturday nights.

I and Jigsaw have been asked to perform on this revered radio program this Saturday night! We will be playing from 8 to 9 pm!


This is the second longest radio show next to the Grand Ole Opry. It is truly an honor to be a part of the new history of this grand old tradition.

The goal is to eventually resurrect the Capitol to its former grandeur. I and my bandmates are thrilled and honored to be a part of that. A part of musical history.
Cathy Stewart-rhythm guitar, vox, songwriter and JIGSAW Greg Stewart-drums Dave Busch-bass Dave Rudovsky (special guest for Saturday’s show)-pedal steel Jeff Kenders-lead and rhythm guitar
- Cathy Stewart

"Ourstage-Americana-11/08 Quarter Finals"

Great news....
Alliteration (Matters of The Heart) is in the top 20 in Americana on Ourstage and has made the November Quarter-finals....
Just to make the top 20 out of 406 entries is an honor in itself.
I will keep everyone informed as to our status, and if you feel so inclined, please come vote at . - self


Released in December 2007- The Calliope Songwriters Circle compilation CD- includes an original cut of mine called "Walkin' Shoes", "Originals-EP 1" released November 2007, "It's All About God's Son" recorded AND released December 2007. All of my studio cuts are streaming on Planet Texas internet radio and are on, and are available for download via i tunes, rhapsody, amazon, and e music for a nominal fee...."Youre My Home" and "Come Down" featured cuts "Music That Matters-Pennsylvania" released June of 2009 which I have the privilege of co producing with Wayne Warner.

My second EP- This Beggar's Ready To Ride, will be released summer of 2009.



What everyone needs to know is that I am first and foremost a songwriter. I'd rather hear the voice I heard sing the song when I wrote it do it than mine. Ok, so I hear "voices", call the guys in the white coats and haul me off. I just sing for fun, and as long as its good enough not to make your ears bleed, I've done ok.

Cathy is a 1986 graduate of Duquesne University's School of Music, a trumpet major with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. Finding teaching jobs was difficult, so she pursued her other love and has had her own pet grooming business and raises champion beagles. Music finally had time to come back and make a new impact on her life, with support from her biggest fan, daughter Brianne and her husband, Brian.

"Every song the good Lord blesses me with, whether Christian, country, blues or rock, has a story or a message. God's been good to me. If I reach one person with one song, all the struggles have been worth it."

She also performs her new material regularly at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern's songwriter's open mic nights.

She is registered with BMI as a songwriter/composer.

INFLUENCES: (other than God and Family)

Let's see, there are so many, starting from my early years listening to and playing music by Clifford Brown, Miles, Bird, Maynard, Dixie Dregs, Matrix, and my rock influences of The Who, Skynnyrd, Zeppelin, CCR, Guns N' Roses, Creed, to country influences from Toby, Faith Hill, Wayne Warner, Josh Turner, Corbin Hanner, Sarah Evans, John Michael Montgomery, Johnny Cash, and the list goes on, to my education in classical music with Haydn being my favorite with Bach a close second, to my Christian favorites like Steven Curtis Chapman, Avalon, Point of Grace, plus a lot of old Country Gospel songs.
Going a little more into detail.....

Homer and Jethro and Wierd Al and Dr Demento taught me humor, Donny Osmond taught me how to match pitch, Billy Joel taught me to grow up and use the craft of words(we are talking Streetlife Seranade, Turnstiles, Cold Spring Harbor and The Stranger), John Denver taught me to find a little yee haw in my life and sparked me to learn guitar, Maynard Ferguson taught me to achieve the seemingly impossible, Bird, Trane, Prez, Clifford B, Jaco, Max R, Oscar P, Joe P, Chick, Joe Zawlinul, Stanley T, Woody, Satchmo, Brubeck etc, taught me passion for the way a tune "feels" to become a part of the creation as it happens through improvisation, and gave me a musical soul, The Dregs and Matrix taught me different is cool, Zeppelin, Skynnyrd, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Guns n Roses taught me to rock, HARD....Pete, Rodger, Moonie and The Ox gave me a release for my angst, Dan Fogelburg and Mark Murphy showed me how powerfully music can effect one's desires, David Bowie showed me how to look past the wierdness and enjoy the musical ride, and Gordon Sumner the lesson of versatility. There are a hundred more, but this gives you an idea........and if you don't know who Gordon Sumner is....look it up!