Toronto, Ontario, CAN

catl is a '50s-style rock 'n' roll juke-joint party, guaranteed to get the floorboads heaving. With the Toronto Star calling their debut album "wicked" and NOW calling them "Toronto's best kept blues secret" it's no wonder they won the 2009 Toronto Blues Society Award for best new talent.


“These Torontonians’ rough-hewn scuzz-blues joints and pained acoustic laments make you wanna gulp down a 26er of Wild Turkey, sweat buckets and put your fist through something. Unhinged fun.”
– Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

catl is “one of the most exciting blues band on the Toronto scene for years” (Tim Perlich, NOW Toronto, Jan 22-29, 2009), creating an original blues sound that’s been described as “raw,” “primordial” and “warped.” Given their history of punk-influenced rock ‘n’ roll (catl in Pecola; drummer Johnny LaRue in The Exploders and No No Zero; and Sarah Kirkpatrick in Shitt Hott), such descriptions come as no surprise.

Apprenticing at the ghost hand of Mississippi Fred McDowell, catl (songwriter, guitars, vocals) favours a ’40s Gretsch Electromatic played through a vintage Fender Twin, and sings through a low-end mic wired to an old Ampeg amp. With Johnny LaRue on drums and Sarah Kirkpatrick hammering the organ, catl serves up a stripped-down sense of simmering urgency. No fancy bells or whistles, catl is a juke-joint party that’ll lift you up like a Sunday morning sermon in the swamp. Montreal’s Mirror said catl “bring the smash and bash of true juke-joint blues while packing in a fair heaping of the good Captain Beefheart’s sense of dementia.”

"¿Adónde Vas?–‘A Ningún Lado" was catl’s debut collection of ten beer-soaked blues rave-ups which Toronto’s eye weekly described as “whiskey soaked swagger of the deep south laced with some balls-to-the-wall bite.” Their sophomore LP, "With the Lord for Cowards You Will Find No Place" (taken from the lyrics of a Carter Family song), was also applauded and made Top 10 lists here in Canada and the US.


With the Lord for Cowards You will Find No Place / Folkbrand Records (LP w/ CD 2010)
¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado" / Folkbrand Records (LP with CD incl./ 2009)

catl's songs are on CBC radio3:

Set List

catl's sets can run anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. They can play an entire evening, with 2 or 3 45-min to hour-long sets. Songs include:
"Hey! Hey!"
"A Sun's Grave"
"A Pick-up Killed My Ford"
"No Good Rider" (Leadbelly)
"Ragged & Dirty" (Willie Brown)
"Parking Lot'
"Me & My Chauffeur"
"Chicken Walk" (Hasil Adkins)
"Church on Time"
"Oh Death"
"Working Man's Soul"
"The Last Road"
"You Gotta Move" (Jimmy Reed)
"Thunderbird ESQ" (Adkins)
Sun's Grave
Cinder Blocks