Cat Martino

Cat Martino

 New York City, New York, USA

Cat Martino has sung with Sufjan Stevens, Sharon Van Etten, and The Shins. She's now released a new record and played her music at Bonnaroo 2013. Naturally a lover of harmony, looping vocals and instruments, creating a lush and layered sound, and drawing you in to her soulful and unique play world.



Cat Martino is clearly a lover of harmony, looping her voice and instruments live, creating a lush and layered sound much bigger than one person. As she moves onstage holding a microphone over keyboards, pedals, and samplers, you can feel her internal body rhythms coming alive in her songs.

The New York native has been a collaborating touring and recording member of Sufjan Stevens’ and Sharon Van Etten’s bands, and appeared with The Shins on SNL last year. Her Sophomore Album, Yr Not Alone is a beautifully melodic piece featuring harps, thick bass beats, electric guitar, and swirly skittering synth lines. Even over this lush, enveloping backdrop, Martino’s resonant voice is always the undeniable centerpiece. As she plays these brand new songs onstage as a duo or trio, they are full of primal energy, driving with electronic beats, floor toms, whilst retaining as always an organic live quality to captivate the moment with melodic and layered transcendence.

Her penchant for loop effects was inspired by her homebound isolation from a debilitating neuromuscular disease several years ago. Bound to her bed, Cat’s vocal overdubs became her new choir, and her music became defined by layers, simple melodies built into powerful walls of sound. Back to full health, Martino celebrates life by creating music inspired by the movement, and her history as a dancer.

She retreated to the woods of northern California for four months, and recorded her forthcoming album. Yet though there is a Northern California mixed with urban New York influence, do not expect all sunshine, as Indyweek recently pegged her: "Martino is equal parts siren and sacrifice, calling listeners to follow her tantalizing example".

The songstress herself reveals, "I retreated to the woods to find peace away from the city after a break from a long relationship. The landscape was truly clearing for the soul and stripped me of artifice, but it was not a Bon Iver For Emma experience. I began writing and recording to found a unique exorcism; something primal and passionate needed to come out, so I let it. It made me want to move my body and dance, so I did."

Yr Not Alone music video premiere on NPR:

Pitchfork, on "Song in a Day" project featuring Sufjan Stevens and Chris Powell of Man Man:


Recent interview:

NPR Blurb:

The New York native has previously appeared as a member of Sufjan Stevens' and Sharon Van Etten's bands, but is poised to release a sophomore album next year that has the potential to make her a star in her own right. Full of gorgeous, overlapping vocal loops and contributions from Stevens, the album is a beautifully melodic piece of art dressed up for 2012. Harps, thick bass beats, electric guitar, tambourine and swirly, skittering synth lines — it's all here. Even over this lush, enveloping backdrop, Martino's resonant voice is always the undeniable centerpiece.
--Clare Flynn


"Yr Not Alone" (2012 Release)
"The Sea Closet" (2009)
"Underneath the Skin E.P." (2005)
"Here Now" (2004)
"Dance of Destruction" E.P. (2002)

Co-Write Collaborations: Dive Index - "The Surface We Divide" & "Mid/Air", duets with Mark Gardener (of Ride), and Joseph Arthur.

Background Vocals: Sufjan Stevens "All Delighted People" and "Age of Adz", Sharon Van Etten's "Epic", A Camp, Joseph Arthur, Anna Ternheim, Marit Bergman, plus more...

Set List

Sets range from 35 - 75 minutes. Typically 90% original songs based around Cat live sampling her voice using a looper, keyboard snd guitar. Dips into creative and moody interpretations of The Cure, etc.

Lush sounds created by band members on Electric Guitar, keyboards & percussion.