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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"The Key Studio Sessions: Catnaps (the band formerly known as When I Was 12)"

Generally speaking, people resist change. So when the Philly indie-pop quartet formerly known as When I Was 12 announced earlier this month that it would now go by the name Catnaps, the reaction was predictable. Fans, followers, and friends were incredulous. Some cracked jokes, some griped. But as singer/guitarist Adrianne Gold explained when Catnaps recorded its Key Session last week, exactly one person too many had confused their old name with that of a tween band (as opposed to a twee band). “What, are you going on tour with Justin Bieber?” Something had to give. Despite the new nomenclature, I’m happy to report that everything else that had the four-piece buzzing this past year—the twinkling glockenspiel and biting wit (“Vanilla Vodka”), the K Records gang vocals and breezy acoustic strumming (“Pragmatic Is Not A Practical Word”)—remains intact, bright and fun as ever. Next month Catnaps embarks on its first national tour; listen to them talk about their plans (and their name-change rationale) when their session airs tomorrow, June 23, on the XPN2 Local Show (10 p.m. to midnight). Or ask them in person, when Catnaps performs at their tour-kickoff show on July 1 at Bookspace in Fishtown. - John Vettese

"First Look: Catnaps"

If you could personify the word "cute" and slap a band along with the image, you'd stumble across Catnaps, formerly, When I was 12, of Philly/New Jersey. In their own words, "We like to write silly love songs and we want to feel alive. With charming lyrics sprinkled on top of cute melodies let us capture your heart!" ... - Dawn Marie Fichera Anti Music

"Introducing: Catnaps – “I sat on the edge of my bed and I sang you Velvet Underground songs”"

We’re living in uncertain times to be sure – markets crashing, a world falling apart. It’s a little disheartening to say the least, but to quote The Dead, “once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” That strange place for me happened to be Bandcamp last night. After sifting through seemingly endless brostep and chillwave artists, I came across this undeniably blissful piece of musical light. I’m proud to introduce Catnaps, an unnaturally sweet indie pop quartet from Philadelphia.

Catnaps’ latest album, Why Don’t You Whisper? is a clinic on enjoyable, sunny twee – effortlessly flowing between acoustic gum drops and sugary electro-pop blankets of music. Lead singer Adrianne Gold’s seraphic voice dances among velvety pop melodies, almost daring you to be unhappy about it. While we struggle with world strife, sometimes our biggest problems in life are trying to get a loved one to appreciate our favorite classic indie foundations. And that, really, is not such a bad world after all. - Electric Panda Music

"Artist of the Month Poll"

Which of these local acts should be The Deli Philly's featured artist(s)? - The Philadelphia Deli Magazine

"When I Was 12"

Adrianne, that pretty, sprite of a girl, sings like the child of a siren. Her voice swims freely through the sounds of a xylophone, a saxophone, and a couple of guitars, anything from the band mates that complement her. When you pass all the happy melodies of their songs, there are the great lines that are just too heart braking, too honest to not be charming. - Pollifax

"Interview with Adrianne Gold from When I Was 12"

Its amazing that more people have not yet discovered this unique little gem. i was lucky enough to catch up with vocalist and song writer from the group, Adrianne Gold to find out a little more about the band, their wonderful sound and her writing. - Bill Dream

"When I Was 12: Is America Ready to Embrace Their Precocious Inner-Teen?"

I ran across WIW12 searching a now-defunct music site and really enjoyed their aesthetic. The endearing strum-hook-and-harmony style burrows deep into your head and doesn’t go away — like a library volunteer into Franny & Zooey.

Earlier this year their principle songwriter, Adrianne, was nice enough to swap a few Q&A emails with me before their first non-basement gig of her young career: - Bembang!


"This Is Before Camille Took All AP Courses" - EP released September 2008
"Dear Eskimo" - Full length CD released June 2009.
"Recollections of Affection" - EP released August 2010.
Self Titled 7" - EP released April 2011
"Why Don't You Whisper?" - Full length CD released July 2011

Tracks that have gotten radio airplay are Ice Cream Trucks and Crowded Streets (This Is Before Camille Took All AP Courses), S is for Subway (Dear Eskimo), Explicit Content (Dear Eskimo), Vanilla Vodka (Recollections of Affection), Tuxedo (Recollections of Affection), Why Don't You Whisper? (Why Don't You Whisper?), Sticks & Stones (Why Don't You Whisper?)



It all started when Adrianne Gold was 12 and all she wanted was a heart shaped guitar. Her dad promised if she learned 5 chords he'd get her one...and the rest is history! Today When I Was 12 consists of singer/songwriter/front woman Adrianne Gold, guitarist/bassist Dan Houwen, saxophonist/glockenspielist Carolyn Haynes, and drummer Ryan Heupler. They are a twee pop band from Philadelphia, PA who like to write silly love songs and want to feel alive. With charming lyrics sprinkled on top of cute melodies their dream is to capture your heart!

They are inspired by the heart breakers, the broken hearted, everyone they've ever loved, everyone they love now, and everyone they have yet to love. Their influences include (but are not limited to) Rilo Kiley, The Rentals, The Breeders, and The Velvet Underground.

Since moving to the city a year ago (when Adrianne and Carolyn enrolled in Drexel University's Music Industry Program) they've played at many venues including World Cafe Live with Philly favorites Hop Along Queen Ansleis and Algernon Cadwallader. They have also played shows with Thunder Power (Slumber Party Records) and Times New Viking (Siltbreeze/Matador).

Last summer the band completed a 10 day, 10 city tour of the Northeast and this summer the band completed a 6 week tour across the country opening up for bands such as Hellogoodbye, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, and Fake Problems.