Cat OK

Cat OK


Song oriented rock with hints of alt-country, brit-pop, and post-punk.


Rob Taylor, a well-versed guitarist and staple of the Santa Barbara music scene, birthed Cat OK many moons ago from the dusty corners of his disturbed mind. It was sometimes a band, but usually an idea with several past recordings that included an entourage of line-ups. However, Rob’s affinity for antiques and obsessive nature for anything from the 19th century caused many a break-up of the band in the past. Now, with his days of overspending and gala events behind him, Rob is teamed up with Brad Altavilla, Aaron Campos and Chris Agh and Cat OK is going strong.


Cat OK - 2005
Cropdusting - 2008
Dress For The Weather you Want -2009

Set List

Cat OK can rock your house for a full 75 minutes worth of original material while sprinkling in covers by the likes of Dinosaur Jr., R.E.M. and Madness.