We play a kind of elegant alt pop-rock with 80´s postpunk and crooner singers influences


Catpeople came together between Vigo and Barcelona in response to the members’ needs to find new sounds and compositions they hadn’t been able to achieve with their previous bands.

Film and Art students Adrián Pérez (lead vocals) and Javier Abalo (guitar) started this common search counting, soon after, with the support of Fito Rodríguez (bass) and Paco Iglesias (drums).

As a first result of the merge, the three members living in Barcelona and Fito’s collaboration from Galicia, came the production of the demo Catpeople! (2005) obtaining a great response from the critic and public.

A year later, Raúl Muñoz (Keyboard, guitar and vocals), from Barcelona and Iván Fernández “Nadas” from Vigo (substituting Fito in live concerts), joined the band and recorded their debut album
“Reel #1”, (Pupilo Records, ’06).

The perfection of their melodies as well as their raging post punk guitars and brilliant leading vocals made “Reel #1” one of the most respected albums in the national scene from the moment its publication and being ranked by Mondo Sonoro and Go Mag among the best national albums of the moment.

The tour that followed led the group to play in over 40 concerts as well as in some of the most important music Festivals throughout Spain: Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Festival Do Norte, Festival Cultura Quente, Festival Contempopránea, Festival Sonorama… as well as in other European festivals such as Popkomm (Germany), Paredes de Coura (Portugal) and Europavox (France).

During the tour, CatPeople was also the supporting band for groups such as Pet Shop Boys, Brian Ferry, Dirty Pretty Things, New Model Army…
As a consequence of this, “Reel#1” was licensed in France and Germany and, in 2007, was remixed and edited in Spain by Amable, David Kano and other well known Dj’s calling this new version “The Dummy Remix”

The band’s consecration has finally come with their brilliant second album “What’s the time Mr. Wolf” (PIAS, nov 2008).

With this new album, Catpeople has gained the unanimous applause of the media becoming front cover of Mondo Sonoro, voted one of the year’s best albums by the musical publications, and were interviewed by press and magazines such as El País, Rolling Stone, Publico, Squire, etc.

The tour of “What’s the Time Mr. Wolf” started off in France and, until June 2009 has closed over 40 gigs filling the different venue’s capacities up to date… and their presence at summer Festivals like Benicassim, SOS, Contempopranea, Sonorama, Barcelona´s BAM, Madrid´s Heineken Day of Music…


- Reel #1 - CD Album - (06)
- The Dummy Remix - Maxi - (07)
- What´s the time Mr Wolf - CD Album - (08)

Set List

Set list is always changing. Depends on the venue, festival, etc.
Normaly band does a mix of acoustic & electric gigs