Cat Ratusny

Cat Ratusny

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Soulful, yet edgy chick-rock that you can rock out to, or be swept away in a contemplative melancholy. Intelligent and well-crafted tunes… bold enough to weave rock, hip hop, classical, and pop into a complete package.  Sexy and soulful, her voice weaves you through every emotion each trip.


Cat Ratusny, performs solo, trio, or with full band

Her solo music career began in 2001, showcasing for the Toronto WonderWoman Festival, followed in 2002 with HoneyJam Showcase, the same musical beginnings where the iconic Nelly Furtado was discovered. At the same time, Cat pursued work in the classical genre, regularly performing operatic repertoire, including the Royal Opera Company of Canada, garnering an invitation to audition for the Canadian Opera Company. A decision to stay true and focus on her own material turned Cat down the road to recording, and 2004, her self-titled EP 'Cat Ratusny' was born.

Collaborating and performing with several musicians in her three-year journey to Vancouver and Victoria, Cat wrote an incredibly large body of work towards an upcoming album, and spent time performing in several known music venues such as the Arts Club, The Media Club, and The Main in Vancouver, guest performed with the internationally known Naden Band in Victoria, and was a featured singer/songwriter on Shaw TV's The DAILY with David Lennam. A Canadian national tour followed, engaging audiences and gathering a dedicated following.

A decision to return to Toronto to continue work on a second album, with a selectively darker, edgier vibe and a host of top-notch musicians awaiting to record. A year later 'The Human Condition' was born. This 12-track bilingual album, translates as a stylish and timeless musical recording. The Human Condition artfully combines a host of influences, infusing hip-hop, classical, rock, and ambient vibe under one unique offering of sound. The music is soulful, emotional, gripping and radio-ready.

Fast-forward to current events, Cat is a performer familiar to all of Toronto's top live music venues. With a new house band under wing, Cat is regularly performing in a host of venues in the area, whether as a solo performer or with her full band.

Slated for production July 2009 is a music art film for her bilingual song “Le Reve Desole”, to be premiered on Bravo! Canada TV station.

Cat's late summer-fall tour of Quebec and Southern Ontario is slated to begin August 26, Stay tuned for upcoming details on when you can catch a night of her heavenly sounds.

Finally, plan to see The List, a highly acclaimed theatre production featured in this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, running July 1-12, 2009 ( Cat was commissioned by Quartetto Virago to write feature music for this production.


David Lennam, The Daily

" Sad, piano-driven songs like the anticipation of a breakup; lingering like a farewell kiss.  Engaging storytelling and 'listen to them again' lyrics with a bit of the go-anywhere voice of Kate Bush.  I want this to be part of the soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson's next movie."

                                -David Lennam,
                                The Daily, Victoria

" Cat is an enchanting and talented musician, with style and grace that are rare to find in Vancouver. She sings and plays piano with an ease that shows she is a natural..."

                          Helen Lamla,
                              Campoverde, Vancouver

" ...a style all her own; every lyric, every breath, the sound of eloquent originality."
                          Sarah Quadri,
                               CBC Vancouver

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2008 The Human Condition
2007 The Old-Fashioned Way (featured keyboardist)
2005 It Happened in Fernwood (compilation CD)
2005 Cat Ratusny (self-titled EP)

Set List

Set List

* variable depending on contract of show (30 min- 120 min)

type 1: original music (45 min. set)

1. Sunk
2. Life of the Party
3. Every Time I See You
4. Glue
5. Wicked Game (cover)
6. Seul
7. Human Condition
8. Daylight
9. Story of Your Life
10. Maybe

type 2: cover set : classic/jazz, French classic
(45 min.)

1. Battle Drum
2. Why Don't You Do Right?
3. Can' Help Falling in Love
4. La Vie en Rose
5. Time after Time
6. Summertime
7. L'Amour est Bleu
8. Le Reve Desole
9. A Quoi Revent les Millionaires
10. Le Coeur est un Oiseau

type 3: cover and original music

1. Love Came By (C.Ratusny)
2. Mad World (Tears for Fears)
3. Both Sides Now (J. Mitchell)
4. Wicked Game (C. Isaac)
5. Maybe (C. Ratusny)
6. The Scientist (Coldplay)
7. Lovers in a Dangerous Time (B. Cockburn)
8. Fallen (S. McLachlan)
9. Are You Strong Enough? (S. Crow)
10. Basement Apartment (S. Harmer)
11. Story of Your Life (