Cats And Cats and Cats
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Cats And Cats and Cats


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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Drowned In"

One of the more excellent post rock outfits around, Cats and Cats and Cats put you in mind of a Mogwai or Mew that likes flowers and pretty girls in red dresses and such.


Victorialand - 2005, self released

1 – Happiness
2 – Young person’s guide to becoming a rock star
3 – The green room
4 – Even the comets sing along
5 – This brilliant sky
6 – Happiness for lola

Sweet drunk everyone - 2006, Win! Win! Win! Records

1 – Every handshake is a wolf
2 – Fight fight with fight
3 – Kites
4 – Hotel at the end of youth
5 – Splutterheart



The good ship cats began its stubborn voyage in early 2005 with three stowaways: Benjamin, Thomas and Douglas imagining a place called Victorialand. One night Captain Lee Richardson stumbled across their plans in the cargo hold, instead of getting furiously angry he decided to work with the migrants on realising their plans. By June Victorialand was built and the crew were very pleased with its angular mountains and calm shores.
Ever restless, the trio explored their island and soon found two inhabitants hiding in the swamps, Adam and Eve. Already these two had been seen mending the canyons and planting crops so they were asked to join the cat’s vessel making their numbers up to five. Soon it was time to move on from Victorialand and the five set their sights due north to where the wind was singing a song of drunken sorrow. On the way the cats made their plans for their new home, a more spacious, diverse and fertile land than the one they had left. The captain once again followed their plans and witnessed the cats create their second island home. On the eve of the opening festival they decided to perform a musical introduction to the island. Captain Lee Richardson taped the performance into the horn of his gramophone hat. He put the copy into an envelope marked “to the real world” and tied it to the leg of a carrier pigeon and let it fly off into the sunset. We’re waiting.