Cats in the Basement

Cats in the Basement

 Sarasota, Florida, USA

CATS IN THE BASEMENT tells of the triumphs and consequences of life decisions we all make in our twenties, by way the sing-a-long diary of an overly intellectual every-man. documents a year of in the life mercenary xylophonist/trumpeter Greg Ferris and his surf waltzing, doo-wop pop rock band.


"If Paul Simon started hanging out with The E Street Band at the beach during the day and salsa and jazz clubs at night, they'd probably wind up creating something that sounded a bit like this." -Mixtape Muse

In the past year we did:

-Played as the backing band for Rich Aucoin (Sonic) @ (Hangout Fest '11, Conferette 35, SXSW '11, '12, Art Basel, Hangout Fest '12)

-We also back Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! (Luaka Bop) @ (New Belgium Tour De Fat, west coast, SXSW '11, east coast, SXSW '12, Total Bummer 3D)

-Released EP on Atlas/Finch House distributed by Burnside!

-Month long EP release East coast/SXSW/Nola tour with Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! playing almost every single night (most with 2 shows!)

-We run around the state of Florida lot, but we did an official Florida tour w/ Rich Aucoin

-Pre-sold Kickstarter campaign for batch of Glow-in-the-Dark 10" vinyl!!

-Sold two 100 runs of cassette tapes, 100 shirts, 150 CDs (tour only!)

-We played a song with 25 drummers and a piano axed to pieces

-College radio play!

-Increasing Spanish/Portuguese speaking audience

-Held GrooveShark front page for 2 months

CATS IN THE BASEMENT is your everyday library-turned-dancehall of a band delivering infectious pop music. Schizophrenic love songs marry subversive lyrics to group-hug performance art starring a cast of irrational artifacts and anachronistic everyday library-turned-dancehall characters.

CATS is a musical performance project by Greg Ferris. The band is part of the Finch House family in Sarasota, FL.


Spy Cat

Written By: Greg Ferris

I want to collect the sunshine
wring it from your eyes
and break your neck
like a pack of candy cigarettes.

You were such a criminal
acting like you got away with it.
I won’t let you get away.

My elbows are ready to rebuild
my back and knees will say the same.
But my hands, they aren’t so steady.
You’re a crime-wave.
You’re a crime-wave.

I want to collect the sunshine
wring it from your eyes
and break your neck
like a pack of candy cigarettes.
You’re a crime-wave.
You’re a crime-wave.


Debut seven song EP released in FEB 22, 2012 on Atlas/Finch House. Online distro (iTunes, amazon, rhapsody...)

Previous limited releases:

THE INTERNET ON TAPE (2011) - Unreleased demos on the shores of the world wide web.

NOISE ORDINANCE II (2011) - 2000 copies
Selected from over 120 area submissions celebrating music from the 941 area code. Featured track "Spy Cat" on WMNF 88.5 while "CD of The Week"

ORANGE PRESS COMP (2009) - 100 copies
One track on the indie zine companion.

FOLK SCIENCE (2008) - 100 copies
20 minute noise-pop mixtape still in rotation at 96.5 WSLR in SRQ.

Set List

Dog Whistle Cigarette
Ouija Board Music Video
Indigent King
Herb Crust
Spy Cat
King Max
God is Love
Rumors, Lies
The Peanut Butter One
Gentle Bearded Man
I Am Too Stoned To Move