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Catskill is "the cat", who's rap ripping claws are catapulting Hip Hop to the next level!


Manitoba's undefeated freestyle rapper.

Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the notorious West End, Catskill's music is derived from his own experience, growing up on a hooker stroll with a crack house across the street.

Although Catskill dropped out of school in Grade 9, due to his lifelong struggle with Type 1 diabetes, Catskill fought his way out of the gutter with his rhymes.

A devoted father to his four year old daughter, Chloe, he is fighting for more access through the Courts, struggling to earn money to pay his lawyer, and fighting every inch of the way to show Chloe that her daddy loves her.

Rapping is Catskill's life. Hip Hop is his means of self-expression.

He is an artist to watch. He is the heir to the throne.


Daddy Loves You

Written By: Catskill

The most beautiful thing in this world is my daughter. The Lord, Jesus Christ, my savior, my father. Chloe Agnes McDonald, not quite Funk, until then I'll be at peace like a monk.

I proposed to Mommy at the shipyard, my ship sunk, I guess it wasn't my turn like a tire in the trunk. Daddy was immature but his heart was pure. Dylan and Chloe, that's my two babies, yeah for sure. If I could take back time, I would leave time as it were. To be with you I'd throw away he diabetes cure. I swear hunny, we'll make it, oops I beg my pardon, I want a limousine to escort you to kindergarten. We can be like Dora and live in a treehouse. I got you a Jolly Jumper, you used to love to bounce. Daddy cried when he saw the first tooth in your mouth. You've been heaven on earth, infinity's what you're worth.

Pitter patter monkey, my baby doo's feet. She's got the same little piggies as me, that's so neat. Her eyes are mommy's, same shape and size. I swear to God she's the reason I'm here. There's no lies. On this earth's stage you're daddy's first prize. When I saw your ultrashound I thought I was gonna die. You're the wink of an angel, my beautiful dove. Before July 14th, 2003, I never knew love.

Your daddy loves you baby.
Your perfection drives me crazy.

Chloe is a princess; daughter of a king. I'll do whatever's necessary by any means. We spoil you with candy, you should really eat your greens. You giggle when daddy toots, magical fruit, too much beans. To make you laugh, Chloe, I'd do anything because.....

Your daddy loves you baby.
Your perfection drives me crazy.

These are the realest lyrics I've ever spit. It's heartfelt. My pumpkin's got that smile to make her daddy's heart melt. I knelt by mommy's belly and I rubbed and kissed her tummy. My monkey was so small we used the sink as a tubby. We got you a ducky.

You thought a soother was yukky. You looked at me, your expression was like "you got milk?". I cried over that and it wasn't even spilt.

Now my little lamb is entering her terrific two's. She speaks so cute and solves mysteries on Blues Clues. Even if daddy makes it, the real star is you, 'cause your future is why I better myself and do what I do. You conquered that mango with two teeth to chew. Now that's a Kodak moment. These moments are so few. I want you to know I never minded diapers starring poo poo and I enjoyed every second that we played peek-a-boo.

I love your mother, I love your brother, and I love you.


Catskill - Heir to the Throne - 2007

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