Cats Walking Backwards

Cats Walking Backwards



Alex Hall and Kevin Cooper used to play in the highly successful Cincinnati band Four Ohms until the band's breakup in 2004. Kevin wielded the bass guitar in Four Ohms, and now doubly so in CWB. Alex wielded a pen and a guitar in the now defunct group with many songs featuring his vocal chords in the lead position. After a short-lived project called Soulever (in the midst of Four Ohms hayday) as well as a short lived effort called Non-Prophet (post FO), Kevin and Alex met Ryan Moore, the current drummer of another Cincy band, Travelin' Barefoot, as well as the former drummer for bands like Sons of Gravey and Patient Zero. Ryan took up the skins in CWB and brought along Billy Quay to fill the space on guitar. The outcome has, thus far, been a rewarding effort for the members, who will take the band to the stage for the first time in April 2005.


Mountain City

Written By: Alex Hall

There's a place I'd like to be
Down the tip of Tennessee
Ain't gotta try to aim to please
in Mountain City

Kind of roads where you got to move
When the pickups come rollin' thru
And when you turn you'll see your taillights too
in Mountain City

Folks that wave as you drive by
Welcome you into their lives
If you stop just to say hi
in Mountain City

People offer hospitality
Blue skies as far as you can see
And all the lush mountain greenery
in Mountain City

But there's people blowin' apart the mountains
And turnin' all the trees into telephone poles
Not a sense of decency about them
No respect for the culture or the people's homes

Leave the countryside alone
Let the mountains keep their home
Let rest what time has grown
before there's nothing left

'cause I don't ever wanna lose that place
See all the beauty erased
In the place that I embrace,
Mountain City


Written By: Alex Hall

The tears that you cry and the money you buy,
Smitten by and by with a heated lie.
Your ends aligned your lines and ends,
Selfish crimes on life depends.

And when you perform your life each day
Is it difficult to feel that it goes your way?
The lengths that we will go to carry on!

You can’t draw a circle
When you live inside a square.
When that square starts to close in, it
Won’t leave your circle waiting there

Your collected seeds you forgot to sow.
And your palms of heart that failed to grow.
Hands that clutched: unsure of what.
And a light no longer shone.

And when you perform your life each day
Is it difficult to feel that it goes your way?
The lengths that we will go to for…

Day on the Throne

Written By: Alex Hall

When night falls on the morning
And day falls on the throne
When the demons start complaining
It’s as fanning reddened coal

Remembering: defeat is not deceit,
Hereafter’s bricks can’t beguile.
Faltering, attains a host of not;
Glue guns can never be nails.

Belated acquiescence
Over silver mining dreams
Rite mundane existence
Of potential yet unseen

Holding out: for what is yet unclear
No man can decide his fate
Closing in: and greater every day
The nails you put by your name
Factor in all that is real
Pinch the skin so you can feel
Make the nerves inside explode
Pressure from your greatest load


Studio demo and live recordings included within the EPK also available in CD-quality MP3 on our web site. As of yet, no formal studio release.

Set List

Originals (by Alex Hall): Dreams, Mountain City, Perform, Driving, Day On The Throne, Nightly Noose
Originals (by Billy Quay): Shine, Shuggie
- more forthcoming by Hall/Quay/Cooper

Covers: Since I've Been Loving You (Zeppelin), Pimper's Paradise (Marley), Bush Doctor (Peter Tosh), Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones), Who Knows (Hendrix) - generally 1-2 new covers per show, cycling out old ones.

Also developing "classic rock album" theme sets, starting with Led Zeppelin 'Houses of the Holy' to be debuted in October 2005. Others to follow and to be listed here.

Generally play one set when co-billing with other acts, sets run 45-90 minutes or more, depending upon number of acts and time available. Covers currently comprise 20-25% of our set, but that number will diminish as we develop a larger original repertiore.