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The best kept secret in music


"Hybrid Magazine"

Black Crowes style blues rock'n'roll. Great riffs, perfect tones. Great rock for guitar lovers. - Hybrid Magazine

"Get Underground EZine"

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I can’t shake the fact that I’ve seen or heard these cats before. It’s like they strike some intangible human chord within us. Every musical influence that played a part in the eventual formation of Cattywompus manifests itself in each of the tracks, including The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, among countless others. “Dog Town” opens with the feeling of Santana letting loose…while title track "Wildfire" proves a melodic jam that makes you want frolic barefoot in the grass with the sun shinning warmly upon your face and the tunes emanating from the stage. Additionally, this album has a special emotional tie to the band members, and it clearly shows. The passing of bassist/vocalist James and drummer John's father Kevin Webber prior to the debut of Wildfire is not doubt a devastating lose to all of those who had the privilege of knowing him. Our prayers are with them. - Justin Smith,

"Cattywompus Review"

By Gary Schwind

This 6-song, self-titled EP begins with "Tumbleweed Blues." This song features some fat guitar licks and solid work from the rhythm section. This tune is a hybrid of 70s guitar rock and blues, reminiscent of the kind of songs Lenny Kravitz used to perform. You know, when he still made good music.

"Dog Town" kicks off with a riff that is pure Carlos Santana. You know, when he still made good music. When you listen to this song, turn up the volume and just soak up the guitar. Oh, and you may want to crank it out your window so your neighbors can soak it up too.

The band tones it down for "Wildfire." The sound is rich, but not nearly as dense as in the two preceding songs. This song has a mood similar to Grandaddy.

I like this EP, but come on! Six songs? That's nothing more than a tease. These guys give heavy doses of guitar, balanced with a tight rhythm section. And while there are only six songs, each one is just packed with guitar-driven goodness. You may want to put this album on repeat because it's so short, if you only play it once, you'll barely have your air guitar warmed up by the time it's done.

Rating: **** - Rock N World


Music Reviews

Cattywompus — Wildfire

On the front cover you see a beautiful sunset, flip the album over and you see a massive nuclear explosion. That’s a pretty precise metaphor for “Wildfire” by Cattywompus. Cattywompus employs the type of raunchy rock-n-roll that Lemmy from Motorhead would like but also something poppy enough that Lenny Kravitz would love to copycat. The guitars are overdriven for sure but this is nothing more than a hard rock outfit—it sure ain’t metal. But there’s an element of blues rock and something that sounds Southern deep down in there. If you want a soundtrack to finishing a medium priced bottle of whiskey, then “Wildfire” is your album. - J-Sin


"Wildfire" - 2005 EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Cattywompus is comprised of Jon Lennartz (Vocals, Guitar), brothers James (Bass, Vocals), John Webber (Drums) and Aaron Bateman (Guitar). While growing up in the back seat of a VW bus in Los Angeles, James & John listened to their father's musical loves while driving to his gigs, blues festivals and chili cook-offs: the Doors, Cream, Jethro Tull, Rolling Stones, Neil Young and countless others. James & John grew up in a house full of rhythm instruments as their father Kevin played percussion in many latin jazz, funk, blues and rock bands through the 60's, 70's and 80's. The boys picked up the family trade and a young age. In 2000, Cattywompus formed when James met southern guitarist Aaron Bateman, a Florida pan handle native, who had travelled from his home land to form a rock n roll band in Los Angeles. Jon Lennartz also grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended the same high school as James and John. Kevin Webber (otherwise known as "the Witch Doctor") added his years of percussion experience on the Cattywompus recordings and live shows.

A slow and well-paced development took place as the boys toyed around with various recordings and played many live shows. A definitive moment took place in the summer of 2002 when the four members of the band took a trip to Joshua Tree, where they recorded their first energy-infused music in a desert house in the middle of nowhere. Ever since, Cattywompus has been progressing into the soulful and energized group that you hear today. Jon's whiskey-stained vocals, Aaron's psychedelic blues-fueled guitar and the seamless brothers rhythm section come together for one multi-demensional sound that cannot be mistaken. Over the years, a strong following has assembled and is evident at the band's energized live performances.

In October 2005, Cattywompus finished "Wildfire", their 6-song EP and immediatly took off for a month-long, self-supported tour of the Southern States to promote the new release. They travelled through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona in seek of new ears and new experiences. Kevin, battling cancer for the last year and a half, urged the boys to carry on with the plans, little did they know it would be a race against the clock and they would get less then two weeks with him after they returned before he passed away on November 18th. "Wildfire" was released January 1st, 2006 and marks Kevin's last recording efforts.

2005 has added Purpose to the band as it has been a whirlwind of emotion, full of great highs and soul-searching lows. They remain a band of brothers, always moving and travelling like gypsies, with no boundaries, searching for answers to the questions that have no answers. "Long may your wildfire burn.."