Catya Maré

Catya Maré


Violin Like You've Never Heard Before Mesmerizing melodies, woven into a spectacular, touching, world / orchestral / electronica / pop backing....Catya Maré was nominated for the Hollywood Music Award 2008, and won the Billboard World Song Contest and Hollywood Music in Media Award 2009.



Catya Maré has been playing the violin all her life (first concert as a soloist with an orchestra at the early age of 10 years old, teachers a.o. Prof. Zakhar Bron and Prof. Ana Chumachenco), playing solo concerts as a classical violinist in the USA, Israel, Scandinavia, Germany, at festivals (Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival, Santander Music Festival).....has received numerous scholarships (such as Stipendium der Münchner Orchesterakademie, Stipendium der Rotarische Gesellschaft Hamburg, Konzerte Junger Künstler) has been holding the position of an alternating concertmaster with a big scandinavian symphony orchestra (Aarhus Symfoniorkester).... and then found out that there were other possibilities, this wasn´t enough....
One day, in 2005, when recovering from a bad influenza and starting to play the violin again, she became aware of the fact, that she was playing something she never had heard or seen before. Music arising from the moment! A quite unusual thing for a classical musician. Since then she performed at Museums of Modern Art (a.o. National Galerie Berlin (Germany), Kunsthaus Zürich (Switzerland), ARoS (Denmark), at churches, shows and collaborated with dancers and painters.
January 2006 she left the orchestra in order to devote herself to her own music.

In February 2006 she started to compose songs, where her violin is the primary voice. It´s a completely new style of playing the violin (or better: singing it...) a breathing and vibrating sound, which resembles more the female voice than a usual violin...electronica / world / ambient / classical. Her songs are enjoying airplay at hundreds of international radio stations, receiving the most amazing reviews and are placed on TV shows / films....
in April 2007 Catya Maré´s music was selected for a non-exclusive publishing deal with the US music publisher Noteborn Music.
Catya´s song "It Came True" was featured in the film "BUTTERFLIES IN THE WIND" (Vic Alexander, Hollywood) at the Ava Gardner Film Festival in North Carolina.

When not performing concerts / shows Catya Maré composes / produces / records her own music. LIGHT LONGING, the critically acclaimed debut album, was released in January 2007, and in 2008 her second CD, REMEMBERING THE DAY. Both albums received fabulous reviews.

In February 2008 she relocated from Denmark to LA.

November 2008: Catya was nominated for the Hollywood Music Award! The ceremony took place in the famous Kodak Theatre complex in Hollywood on November 20 and was televised to 120,000,000 households internationally.....

November 2008: Catya's music is featured in the Austrian artist boki.b..s new audio book. It's called 'KÖNIGIN' ("QUEEN" in English) narrated by Irina Scholz, the famous German voice actress.

February 2009: Catya Maré won the Billboard World Song Contest in the category "sound track / electronica".

Her music is featured on the Hollywood movie "Homecoming" (

November 2009: She won the Hollywood Music in Media Award. The ceremony took place in the Kodak Theater Complex, Hollywood, on November 19th and will be televised to 200,000,000 households internationally.

In February 2010 her third album, "Destination Love" will be released worldwide.


Light Longing

Written By: Catya Maré

Instrumental sensual song.

Light Longing

Written By: Catya Maré

A song without words...

Ethereal Loneliness

Written By: Catya Maré

Instrumental song, no words...


Remembering The Day, 2008
Destination Love, 2010

Set List

Light Longing
Just For A Walk
It Came True
New Sunshine
When Meeting My Angel
Somehow Lazy
Remembering The Day
Keep Going
Once A Dream
Ethereal Loneliness

About 60 min.