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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"Wandering Ones 7" review"

wandering ones’ is a three minute pop nugget with joint male and female vocals. it sounds like an energetic the mighty lemon drops with a kramer production. cloudberry releases never lets the indie kids down. - RoughTrade - Rough Trade

"Twinkling and roaring guitar sounds! Debut album with colorful popness."

Shoegaze sound of post myspace era.
Continued from Sky and the Time Axis EP, the genius alternative producer KRAMER has produced there first full album again. Sweet and melancholic melodies, vocals full of vibrations, cool and sharp sound of the guitar strokes... The vocalist Katsuya has been playing in the band Luminous Orange, which makes sense that they should be the true followers of Japanese shogaze scene. Not only that they are a great shogaze band, but also their song writing is very unique, and should move the feelings of indie pop fans.

CD Journal, Jan. 2009 - CD Journal (Japan)

"Debut album with driving sound, "blue" impulse will attract your stereo..."

After the interview of our zine #59, finally there album "in vain you are" has finished!! There unique sound of the guitars has been treated with the magician of sound - KRAMER, and became the true answer to the indie music scene. Including CAUCUS, guitar rock bands with driving guitars attract me so much. Most of the Japanese listeners should have experienced of some what kind of color of "BLUE" in your lives. The memory of "BLUE" impulse will hit your mind in this album. What color would they paint next on the palette?

Cookie Scene no. 64 - Cookie Scene (Japan)


"Sky & the Time Axis EP", 2008 Peregrine (JP) + Second Shimmy Digital (US)
"in vain you are", 2009 Navigation (JP)
"going for a lonesome dream", 2010 Babyboom Records (JP)
"Wandering Ones (7" single)" 2011 Cloudberry Records (US)



Caucus, an indie rock band based in Tokyo.

Often compared by indiepop/shogaze bands from the late 80s and also College Rock from the early 90s. Our most relevant influences should be Rocketship, My Bloody Valentine, Guided by Voices, Death Cab For Cutie, and Yo La Tengo.

Katsuya, the song writer had lived in the US in his childhood, grown up in between Japanese culture and also western culture. Caucus had created music in between, having the strangeness of the Asian culture in spirit, and at the same time, having the power to go over the boundary by knowing the ongoing contemporaneous indie music scene that Western culture have today.

We know that the music scene in Japan would be a part of the worldwide scene in the near future. Music industry has been diverse since the 21st century, and we would like to widen the market to the Asian indie scene as well.

2013, we are getting ready for a new album. In 2011, we had a chance to release our album from Cloudberry and also participated in NYC Popfest. For the new album we are planning to release it not only in Japan, but abroad as well. We believe that SXSW would be a great showcase for us to promote our music, and so we applied for it.